Mans dredge, entrepreneurial stories are twists and turns of tourism products

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to start a journey, just like to get a fresh mango, excitement, full of expectation. The drop in the end of the trip, the journey is recorded, these records, is like a cup settle mans scoop, sweet into the lungs and delicious. Offer them when you put the essence of travel, share with others, you are happy and touched, may also be perceived by others. This is the founder of Wu Yong tells of mans dredge name origin.

at the beginning of the crowd positioning are those who have artistic temperament, love sharing travel enthusiasts. Mans dredge function is relatively simple: share travel notes, check super destination travel guides, mark has been to, want to go to the place, and users have clean nice personal home page.

mans dredge now is an interface looks a lot like a tourist community of douban, Wu Yong tell hunting cloud network, mans dredge product inspiration, actually also much to learn from and douban . At the beginning, as a senior user douban Wu Yong found that tourism is a fit and douban users quite high direction, at the time of douban has not yet been done. Then determine the direction after start to prepare.

there needs to be said, then do one of the biggest hornet’s nest, poor them interface is very messy, poor them even old-fashioned BBS interface, (but now, do they develop very quickly), did you want to product experience over their , Wu Yong convective cloud network said.

in 2013, the douban came to do travel, Wu Yong depressed for a period of time, because at that time there has been a prototype website. Suffer from didn’t find the right technical partners . First thought is: if douban travel online, there’s little the first-mover advantage. But it is, low-key douban travel online shortly after CEO Yang neck to give up, because scraping poor 9 data was accused, they decided to interrupt douban trip. After a time, friend Wu Yong found technology, finally mans dredge launched in May this year.

but still have to tell the truth, tourism product competition has a lot of, the hornet’s nest, poor them, bread, cicada travels have their user base. mans, fishing for lack of advantage of backwardness is a challenge. The mans get only web side, the APP is still in development, will be released at the end of October the ios version .

at present they have not yet financing, but Wu Yong revealed that it is in and a few investors approach. Wu Yong tell hunting cloud network, his position of mans dredge and is not only an online travel community, they are due the next step is to provide the online travel products. Experience at this stage, they are in place, such as the travel notes published details of the link, they didn’t choose the traditional edit template, but developed a new publishing system, the user to write travel notes in the background, see the effect of the close to travel the effect after published. do human nature on the details, the word of mouth to do first, now is the most important .

in terms of team, the founder Wu Yong successively for 3 g portal, UC, love travel, beliefs, Internet literature youth, have been to the domestic, southeast Asia, Europe and so on more than 10 countries, more than 100 cities, to travel, products, and the Internet have a deeper understanding and views. Co-founder li jie, Tan Liang, Zhang Cheng respectively responsible for technology, operation, content, cheng li jie for 90 after a proficient in PHP and iOS geek. Tan Liang, Zhang Cheng cheng after 85, four per capita for the 3 g portal former colleagues, harmonious relationship.

mans dredge

time: in May 2014,


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