Market network can fetch a good price in the “big three” game?

market net declared a profit last year, it emerged that market net gross about $6, last year net income is about $4, the overall performance is good, but the money at the current market situation, foreground is not optimistic. Yang Haochong this gamble to play too much, 58 city, 51 job and soufun challenges at the same time, the front is too long, too many hidden danger, the risk is too big, the capital market will inevitably have concerns.

today, facing the market network, there are three possible financing, listed for sale. The ideal result, further grab market share, to regain market dominance; Existing funds can insist on to the world also is pretty good results, although the valuation is not too ideal, but at least for all the market have a replacement; The worst result is that the passive sales, both investors and market network of high-level, or foundation staff, all don’t want that.

the reality is cruel, market network need to prepare for any kinds of circumstances, now a few rounds before investors have no mood to continue to cast, and the market net’s plans for the next round of financing not smoothly; Now listed is not the best time, 58 city has got the classification information first stocks, the market share of the market and backward, also not a new story to the capital market, listed process more difficult; So, you need the most bad psychological preparation ahead of time.

to buy domestic market network, and classified information business can hang above only three giant BAT, but who would want to take the hot potato? Business scope covers wider information classification, the big three who take market network can put a certain amount to use, but now the situation is, the big three no urgently take the demand of the market, are in a position can not accept.

classification information belongs to the big part of the O2O framework, in principle, take the market net on the big three layout O2O market has helped, but which may be embarrassing is that the big three O2O layout direction more focus on consumer market, the market’s information service market is no urgent need, so don’t try so hard to enroll market network.

market network if there are thought to sell, must walk back and forth between the three, to strive for a good price. Once one of the big three express interested in market network, that the other two have to re-examine the importance of the classification of information market, maybe grab market network at the same time also is possible.

Yang Haochong facing reporter’s question in three giant’s competition, the problem of how to choose from, to come out: “at the moment we don’t see the BAT has great strategic level help to us, we choose not to take” for an answer. However, the big three of market network no strategic level help? Which are too have casually, Yang Haochong just don’t want to so early to reveal their card, in order to avoid the future may be in the passive.

if market net early revealed signs of contact one of the big three and the other two are more likely to contact 58 city, who is like the first with the industry to establish cooperation relations, between the big three, the market is competitive relationship with 58, here the investment cooperation will be very sensitive.

ali and market direction Market strategic value temporarily not

if get on ali, market network of second-hand trading platform might have long spring. Ali has a perfect system, mature payment tool, rich experience in electric business operations, these are all fair network does not have, although ali also has been trying to second-hand trading market, but that isn’t a business center of gravity, ali won’t put real effort to do it. If market network can build on the ship, ali ali to borrow mature system to develop the secondary trading electric business platform, it seems.

it’s a pity, as I said just now, the second-hand deal isn’t ali’s signature, recruitment, renting, second-hand housing is far more with ali’s focus deviation. For ali, market network of strategic value is temporarily, there would be no need to invest, however, further in the future is hard to say.

fair plate is too small too much tencent temporarily won’t consider market variables

if it can catch the ship of tencent, market network will immediately by the capital market, jingdong listed weakness invite tencent do cornerstone investors, market network if can get on tencent, the attitude of the capital market temperature back to nature. Imagine, will recruit, renting, second-hand housing information such as the placement into WeChat will have what effect? Traffic is needless to say, the advertising also don’t jump?

unfortunately, market network, temporarily not tencent tencent will spend hundreds of millions of dollars and WeChat resources to the investing public comments, it shows that the public comments of tencent’s current strategic layout is necessary, before WeChat have failed to make progress in O2O markets, recruitment, rental of all these things can slowly. Tencent and other affordable, delay market net price could be lower.

is cast to the guest Baidu to market is unwilling or unable to

baidu search entry flow on the importance of the market network is self-evident, in principle, baidu page in the middle of the strategy is also very suitable for market network, 58 city successfully listed, the current capacity of baidu have support is the key point. If baidu to 58 city traffic guide to market network, the market performance counter attack show a possibility.

but want to know, baidu for layout in the field of recruitment and real estate. Baidu has previously done hiring your own website – best, because I failed to reach expected effects after today has did the job search transformation, this direct conflict with the market the most emphasis on recruitment business. In addition, baidu has been in the field of real estate investment to the guest and the platform, and another key business renting, second-hand housing market network is also a direct competition, and the secondary trading did not baidu considered within the scope of the purchase market don’t have too big significance. However, if special cheap price, baidu also might as well think about it, after all do good market network in the classification of information market, buy cheap repackage, or at least can value a 34 billion dollars.

if the big three refused to flange 58 city is likely to consider help

ali, tencent and baidu net profit in 2013 is 21.118 billion, 17.063 billion and 10.519 billion yuan respectively, and 51 job, soufun and 58 city of net income is $501 million, 1.866 billion and 122 million respectively, Yang Haochong value of recruitment, stall in the housing market is too small, not big three eyes.

on the other hand, recruitment, renting, second-hand housing does not bring sustainable traffic for the big three, these requirements are periodically, once the requirements are met, in a short period of time the user will deep sleep. Three giants don’t like do not make money and don’t make the popularity of dirty hard work, will not risk to circumstances involved.

in fact, the acquisition market 58 city network’s heart could be. In 58 city just listed, the media asked whether Yao Jinbo will purchase market network, then Yao Jinbo didn’t answer the question. Have youku to acquire the precedent of potatoes, 58 city purchase market network, nothing is impossible, the two have classified information for the vast majority of the market, if the successful marriage, will become the unshakable industry leader, not only can reduce the cost of internal friction, this can increase sales ability, market outlook will optimal soil lives much easier than now. If really have at that time, maybe we can really shake 51 job and soufun market position.

of course, all this above is speculation, if the market success to get another round of financing, market environment may be is another story, or market network in this year’s performance by leaps and bounds, successful listing next year. Market want the most is certainly pays photogenic listed, the takeover is the result of the who is not willing to see, but a lot better than die. Hope to get out of the current market network, classification of information market competition requires full.

article/Wang Liyang

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