Matchbox APP, share your heartstrings

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without reading time, in fact, we even don’t read poetry.

chicken blood, success, marketing, business CARDS. Time is filled with rare quiet leisure.

as many small and application of beauty, the everyone is admired the download, don’t open quietly . But these products is a kind of good. Product do well, the in the mind unavoidably don’t like.

matchbox positioning is a share heartstrings things APP, the main way for daily selected content sharing, there is music, quotations, classic article, literature and art products and original works, etc. Important content is edited team depth filtering. In their team’s vision, matchbox but their APP content matrix of a product, but this is a main position.

matchbox ever into apple’s APP STORE music class ranking top 10, and keep the position in 7-9, once also beyond the shrimps, meters, douban FM music APP.

actually very simple, want matchbox team with high quality to attract the same audience, the content of the form vertical fan base, and finally to topic “social”, “electricity” .

the current “matchbox” has three columns.

1 month and guess: probably a Que song, a frame quotations, less popular movie, a dozen paintings, a mix of the wing jokes… Depending on the reader’s preferences and creator of the mood. 2. Upon a poem: we read poetry. In the era of “poet’s death”. 3. Upon the text: text is not long, sentient beings. Novels, essays, fairy tales and essays. Can be feeling, also can be cruel.

as a matchbox, similar small and beauty products such as: read FM, single read, for a minute, it is obvious that the products are the biggest difficulty in the profit model, and his group of the user. The matchbox didn’t complete their imagined by the topic “social”, “electricity”. At present products are parked on the “share things touches people”. Interest community and vertical electric business need a lot of time to precipitate the user conversion.


time: April 2014


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