Media in the United States: huawei mobile phone want to enter our market is still very difficult

according to, huawei has officially launched the first independent independent brand in the United States (don’t walk operator custom channels) smartphone Ascend Mate2. Unfortunately, analysts to evaluate the phone better-off ratio descend enough to spare, want to this level also is unlikely to enter the American market.

cloud network editor you hunting for you selected in the report to huawei’s evaluation, in order to let you know Chinese manufacturers from another Angle of “status” in foreign countries.

, if you ask an American list of mobile phone manufacturers, he know they he might tell you apple, samsung; A small number of people will mention the LG, HTC, and MOTOROLA. But I’m sure no one is a few people will say huawei – this stay for years in the U.S. market, Oriental giant global smartphone shipments ranked third.

for a long time, the company in the United States is walk operator channels: custom machine or contracts or operators. Now Ascend Mate2 from operators, ZouDian business direct marketing channels, is worrying us. Out of the sales channel, to the survival of shipment once huawei smartphone market at present difficult to break into the American mainstream.

not in Europe, the United States, huawei that a set of “spending money on sponsoring + promotion” strategy in the more competitive the market won’t work. Thankfully, huawei seems to have changed the strategy.

, as the first independent to enter the mobile phone in the United States, Ascend Mate2 is better-off ratio descend enough to spare. However, the market has never been short of “affordable” Android phone, want to cut into the American market by low price optimal work is far from enough.

huawei mobile phone overall qualified, but the custom version of Android 2.0 Lite – Emotion UI design feeling can’t compliment. Of course this is not the system is nothing, just lack of let a person impressive.