Media in the United States: millet tablet threat apple samsung market position

author: Chen jian

the bloomberg television in recent program for recently released in China national conference center of millet tablet was reported, only was established only a short span of four years for the Chinese technology companies gave considerable attention. Bloomberg television says China technology giant millet released two versions, especially millet tablet was like when apple’s Steve jobs lifetime received attention, the enthusiasm of the fans and the love of products it was incredible. Bloomberg television think millet millet released tablet is stepped up with apple and samsung is an important step in the competition, but also for millet, good products and high cost performance, mode through the network marketing, embodies the “China model” of innovation, and it is very important for the us market and international market.

millet tablet on bloomberg television

millet culture from the experiences of apple fans in China more fanatical

China is a big developing economies, is also a consumer economy. China’s middle class population is rising, consumer demand is also growing faster than most developed countries. Millet company is growing up rapidly in such an environment.

bloomberg television reported this event fanatical small rice vermicelli

throughout the whole of China the status quo, for brand feel obsessed fans a lot. If you communicate with Chinese consumers, asked him, who is the idol in the mind, you will find that they are not interested in sports stars, also not obsession with actors, but the (successful) entrepreneurs are extremely popular. So the rice noodles to lei jun as their spiritual leader.

so many people call the product launch classic, this is a very interesting phenomenon. After all, this is a company that is only four years. But “rice” (for small rice vermicelli), as always, dressed in their trademark red T-shirt, the national conference center besieged.

rice has a great interest on millet brand, they all want to be able to read, see to find the information related to the millet. They are keen to buy millet products, because a local brand product look both fashion and fun, which makes them very happy.

lei jun every release a new product, they cheered. These products include TV, a new generation of a new generation of millet millet routers and the focus of the conference, millet tablet. Lei jun says millet tablet and apple quality, half price is cheap. Although lei jun hate others to compare him with jobs, but millet has learned a lot from apple, such as to take advantage of the large base of smartphone users to sell their flat. In China, millet mobile phone sales has overtaken apple, the third in China market, while apple came fourth.

but bloomberg television for its “fans” model can adapt to the local market abroad advice are put forward. For millet, market replication similar fan culture in other regions, and in the local sales products is not so easy in China. Because millet lack of exposure to overseas markets, brand awareness is not as high in China. And there are many main low-cost competition in the local vendors are doing similar things.

sword refers to samsung apple millet tablet have this strength

millet has smartphone market occupy the leading position in China, this is also the basis of it to the other areas. Today, the company also released a shape similar to the mini low-priced tablets. 16 g red rice and millet tablet half cheaper than with the retina screen ipod mini, 64 g version is 30% less. Future millet tablet will release 128 g version, although the price is unknown, but it is likely still cheaper than apple in half.



bloomberg television that tablet launch for millet company is a very good development measures. As is known to all, millet has launched several smartphones, and very successful to make people feel excited about the market. Millet has proved its business model of maneuverability. Bloomberg television on this tablet, saying it would is quite a nice step in millet future planning. Millet tablet has the first-class configuration, apple has a huge advantage in comparison to price.

millet hope to do the best android tablet. Millet is put forward to make their own efforts to apple exert some pressure, at the same time prove that not all android tablet can only be hidden in the drawer. We hope to make all people like to use the tablet. Millet just exposure in the media, people are thinking about how its products is very cheap. Most people have wondered, such product quality must be bad. The truth is, millet products hardware configuration, fuselage solid and well-made. Millet obviously spend a lot of time on the industrial design.

bloomberg television commentator said millet product UI is also very good. Rather than previously heard the same, millet has spent a lot of time to get feedback from users. In addition, millet almost every week to update the operating system. Sounds like samsung company doesn’t seem to give these aspects of the same importance. So millet products overall user experience is very good, don’t like cheap products.

the Chinese consumer is not for apple, samsung, and other products with high brand loyalty. Throughout the tablet market in China at present, the local flat when the choose and buy, consumer does not blindly blindly pursue apple or samsung products. In addition, for the majority of consumers, the tablet is second choice after buy smartphones, tablet market threshold is very low in China at present so, still leave a lot of space to millet.

may far above expectations for flat sales

according to the data analysis, most of the users in millet in 15 to 34 years old age, they seldom send and receive E-mail, most of the time spent on playing mobile phone every day. These people may use the computer in the office, but the main equipment or mobile phones and tablets. So the millet choose to meet the demand of this part of the user, location is quite accurate.

but the millet officially for sales are expected to be cautious. Millet insiders revealed, in the first year of flat sales, sales of between 4 million to 5 million is millet is relatively easy to achieve. In China is welcome, but given the millet real sales data are often difficult to calculate in advance, is likely to see higher sales. In the past, millet mobile phone and accessories products after strongly sought after by fans, appear in the online sales page of the new product is sold out in a few seconds, and situation. As a result, the millet tablet may also be such as mobile phone as issued when buying spree.

target international market temporarily not to enter the United States

according to Hugo, head of android before Google? Barak, at present the millet is responsible for the overseas market, said, the head of the list in China, the millet will later this year in southeast Asia, India and Latin America released this tablet. Millet in the future will be even in America.

millet, head of the overseas market Hugo had interviewed

the 97% of millet mobile phone is sold in China. But millet in this year, including India and Latin America, ten new markets, to complete the triple smartphone shipments, 60 million sales target.

Hugo? Barak said, millet mobile phone will be sold this year from 7000 to 7000, on the basis of 2000 to 30 million units last year plus the year 10 million, our flat so has about 100 million potential users. This is a very good customer base, this is also a world class product.

but the market is not in millet overseas expansion plans in this year. The United States is a very competitive market, so enter this market need quite a lot of effort and make adequate preparation. But millet will toward this goal. Although it is not sure when can achieve this goal, but it will surely is the goal of millet, no doubt on this point.

bloomberg television comment said, millet need and have to enter the international market. If you focus on the current development situation of China, even compared with a year ago, the Chinese market also mature many, smartphone ownership in gradually saturated. So only relying on the domestic market, millet also unable to obtain the ideal growth. So millet next reasonable measures taken is its current solutions, namely into southeast Asia and other emerging markets, such as Brazil, Turkey and Russia.

the U.S. market can serve as a long-term target of millet, may also be a good target. Enter the United States but it’s not that simple. Will have to be more reliable, millet to take some other parts of the market, establish brand awareness, and accumulated into compared with more developed the funds required to the U.S. market.

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