Meituan COO dry jia wei oral: how to create a push tiejun?

blustery group-buying war started in 2010, the smoke cleared, the scenery of the players, or disappear, or be mergers and acquisitions, or tepid to eke out a living, and become one of the left and the king, now it is aimed at the O2O to layout this big cake. Group-buying industry veteran players, investors acknowledge that Meituan can emerge from thousand regiment war quickly, with Mr Wang with a Daniel – original alibaba jia wei, vice President, said the dry — has a lot to do.

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indeed, o dry Meituan sweep the street team management of great refinement and standardization, let Meituan from rebellious early stage into field armies fighting age, quickly off the competition. “Entrepreneurs” & amp; O I dark horse in the near future to do the interview.

here is the mass of COO dry jia wei oral:

Meituan really touched me is in September 2011. In hangzhou, and open a regional seminar, I talk to Mr Wang, want to have a look at. After you get there, I feel Meituan with ali like ten years ago. I feel this group of people way of doing things, basic values is very Match with me. I was watching a there is a kind of impulse want to join, to share my ten years of experience with them, it is a self-fulfilling impulse.

when united group I really hesitate: ali is very good, group buying is a mess.

wu, founder of the shake handshandle nets to find me at the time, search also hunted me several times. The group founder Mr Wang is looking for my chat. I never believe in yourself is a good luck, I never believe, can suddenly encountered a chance, what’s the something for nothing. I still believe, diligent, rely on our own efforts, depends on the strength of doing one thing, the more the better. Like the grab, a listed company soon, I don’t go to judge it good or bad, but at least, not my style. I want to do things will open shelves, and starting from the basic skill, go up step by step. If different opinions on the sense of doing things, may even if cooperation, will also have a lot of conflict.

and really touched me is in September 2011. In hangzhou, and open a regional seminar, I talk to Mr Wang, want to have a look at. After you get there, I feel Meituan with ali like ten years ago. I feel this group of people way of doing things, basic values is very Match with me. I was watching a there is a kind of impulse want to join, to share my ten years of experience with them, it is a self-fulfilling impulse.

to be honest, I choose a company only focus on two points: first, the industry have prospects; Second, the company’s core management team, motivation and attitude of doing things is my approval. At that time, although Meituan in big team management is not good, but gene is good for your health. I’m ali had management team of more than 7000 people, so even if Meituan have more questions I think is ok. In other words, it is because there is a problem Mr Wang to find me, don’t have enough problems find me why?

finally make a decision, I seek my wife’s opinion, she said, respect me, support me. I finally soliloquize – if not to go, a few years won’t regret it? Wanted to think, I feel sure will regret it. Even if the last Meituan failed, I can put my past accumulated some experience.

management, to put it bluntly, trust is very important.

just to Meituan, I how to build trust with Meituan original team? First you need to know this industry very much, is a specialist, this is a major premise, otherwise you have no amount of aura, no one will believe you. Second, you have to in the proper way, with the team much interaction, because all the things you didn’t do, is done by others. A managerial personnel how to quickly let people around you feel your true side, also is a kind of leadership to a certain extent.

of course, I also use some necessary means, such as visiting the city, face to face. In Beijing, we have a period training every week, I will take two to three hours to meet with you, do not have any topic, you literally raise hand to ask any questions, I may not tell all the truth, but I said must be true.

what is your style, will use what kind of person. Actually choose and employ persons is the biggest political, you chose this style of man, then determines the following a group of people is what style. I personally agree with ali’s fair, open, transparent management style, so I group choose managers also such people in the United States, they will choose staff is such a person. In this way, a lot of transfer will be relatively smooth.

in Meituan this years, I “spit out a lot of experience, but I learned too much. Before ali, a lot of things are natural, but for Meituan, when I came in is almost the lowest point group buying market, market environment, great changes have taken place over the years, a much greater challenges. You will meet a lot of didn’t meet before, to think, to learn, to grow.

I know really know there’s a big difference with me

local life (service) has the characteristics of non-standard, which determines its not like taobao, through to businesses or small sellers, customers with UGC pattern development. Local merchants IT Internet consciousness weak, ability is bad, IT needs a huge offline team or call to push the team to develop and maintain.

because group-buying business is developing very fast, need to have a standardized modeling process. It’s like forces — rise up at the beginning, dished out, but if you want to become a regular army, will be doing drill, practice the assassination, a basic action to practice many times.

after I came to Meituan, in the business skills level, a standardized disassemble and analysis has been done for the first, and then the model was set up. We need the result, but only manages the process to get results. You have only to A, B, C, D are ready, to get E. Control process is actually split the A, B, C, D, and then tell you, how are you going to do to do all these things well, to get results. This is called the standard operating procedure (SOP). The in industrial enterprises, has been done can’t be cooked.

but huge offline is very high to the requirement of the management team. People and machines is one of the biggest difference: people are emotional, thinking, machine as long as you good, it will operate in accordance with the relevant provisions. When put the SOP in different people, will produce different results, sometimes even opposite results.

this time, you have to tell the team: what call management, including the goal of management and operation management of some basic movements, some SOP management, etc. To some extent, you can put the business with management thought into soil and the soil of plants – only the soil is a good soil, benign, coupled with the right business strategy, to get good results, they are short of one cannot.

your team is actively, but no business, not the battles. Like soil eight-way, you be brave, but there were no trained, blunt go up or hang up. But you training, fully equipped, if the soil is not good, so also can’t get good results.

I think after I came to America, mainly from the business and management of these two aspects, according to the business characteristic, take the standard management process summed up it, and then through the appropriate management to strengthen unceasingly, to operate. Let these two respects cooperate more and more tacit understanding.

actually nothing too complicated business strategy, is to grasp the visit quantity first, then catch a effective visit, first quantity and quality. We took out half an hour every morning to open an assembly, and then call you back in the evening, the problems faced by the day to go with your director manager one by one, the problem of the second day you. These things are a lot of companies are doing, but there are differences in the degree of quality and insist on.

I often tell team, in this world, the same work, many people can do, is also the same, but the real experts are rare. What is the real connoisseur? First of all, he has a strong willingness and ability to explore the truth, the so-called what comes next. In addition, he so merits, he didn’t fail to do so. Boasting all, east to listen to the two sentences, the west listen to two sentences.

the real experts, even meet again big difficulty, no amount of opposition, also thought must do this. Grasp the visit quantity of what, as everybody knows, but many people do bad, why? Because it is not his faith, encounter some difficulties, will be around in the past. Such as the staff will say “I’m calling effect is very good, also faster, home visits, the boss is not around may also white ran a visit, isn’t it better to have the time to call?” Most of the time, if you are not the real expert, will be the confusion, contorts the management action will be. I know and I really understand there’s a big difference.

Management route to

to push team of management from different companies may have different genres. Even if is the same company, not the same as managers, and how many will have his personal style and character. Will tell from the deep, I think the route.

I I put all of the management is divided into four levels:

the first level, is the most primitive management, almost no management or spontaneous some management. S not what management of planned economy, the reform and opening up after the introduction of western modern enterprise management, real has 30 next year. Chinese enterprises’ operation and management level is relatively low, most are still in the first level, is a kind of instinct, the management of spontaneous.

the second level, the introduction of relatively scientific management methods, such as management by objectives, performance evaluation, etc. In my opinion, most of the world top 500 in the management of China branch in this level, they compete with private and state enterprises, the target, will pay more attention to results, number, reward is more clear.

the third level, introduced a more complete process management. I think the third level can be a very good business logic decomposition, and then through the management system to grasp the key process indicators, through the control of the process of implementation of the results under control. Because only the process can be the pursuit, the result is can’t pursue.

the fourth level, that is, I often speak of the so-called culture in the United States regiment or called “borrow false fix true”. What is false? We speak, process indicators, the results of these Numbers to some extent are false. What is true? Improve personnel and organizational development, is true. Good managers to run again on the third level, what can do? It’s like I gave him mount a sensor, monitoring in everything he does, every process, finally I to take the result, so it was more traditional procedural management. But the real effective management is what? Is at a lower level into yourself, you let him spontaneously volunteered to go to work, this is the true effective management.

in other words, the process index, the index is only a means, the purpose is to through these people unreliable by spectrum, to cultivate, to copy you. So you made is a human being, independent he is spontaneous to make this a thing well done, and not just because of your management is very fine. Good management is what? Is since he left the company or the business is still in the healthy growth.

on the surface, managers are looking at the target, see the data, but the fact is our starting point and the guiding ideology is not the same, there is a difference.

in the fourth level, you have to do is two things: first, to recruit and train the subordinates. I often speak with American colleagues, pipe company with a country actually is essentially the same. Countries should grasp the education, the enterprise is recruiting and training of employees.

second, completes the top-level design, design or system. In this design, it is good to expel bad money, let those who have the ability, is willing to get what he deserves it, encourage everyone to work on. The United States is the world’s most developed countries, because it has the world’s best education system, the so-called American dream is real, and inspire us citizens to struggling.

what is human? Everyone wants to live easy money and more, and freedom. We do management, must according to the characteristics of human nature, to design a good system, the behavior you want constantly, you recognize the type of person get what he deserves it, and even get more than he imagined, in that case you will be in the direction of the efforts, so that your management will become more and more spontaneous voluntary.

I’m ali recognized the fourth level of management.

jack ma, let me get through the management of “ren du two pulse”

I’m ali did more than ten years, from a line sales make up step by step. For me, from the third level to the fourth level is a huge faded. Now, in accordance with words, like through the du second pulse. “Borrow false fix true” this four word or ma told me.

in November 2008, I was responsible for ali district, guangdong province, ma to go on a business trip in guangdong, the outside of the Marco Polo hotel in shenzhen, we ate dinner together. At that time we the level of pretty far worse, is also talked. Before that I was always in the third level, work hard, there are some achievements, but listen to him that night after the “borrow false fix true” point of view, suddenly enlightened.

actually it also heard before, but to myself that day in order to be learned. Because I use the third level of management to team, although invested a lot of enthusiasm, but felt the ceiling. When the team has been very tired, they think I’m the boss is very professional, you are hard, they also are desperately, but didn’t reach my expectation that high-end, follow me, feeling too much pressure, also not happy. In fact behind the management of input and output to badly decayed.

when it seems you need others. According to the third level to manage, at best, is a physical change, it is a material constant, conservation of energy and effort will be more tired, spend an hour more than an hour of fatigue. Only with the fourth level of management may allow the team to produce chemical changes. Only your real shape changed a person, is likely to make you the whole team have change, is likely to make them mutual collision reaction between, mutual encouragement, is likely to produce chemical reaction or even say like a nuclear chain reaction.

if you are good at training team, you will find that power will be very long. Because it’s not eat the doping or you exert high pressure to get the results, but from the inside out or practice after the internal force to do again.

the Chinese small and medium-sized enterprise development is the Yangtze river delta and the pearl river delta is the best area. nullnullnullnullnullnullnull