Meituan VS public comment on: marketing strategy and logic behind

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remember the original cool 6 network founder our said a word, the Internet startup must be Shouting and running, (even) more important than run sometimes shouted!”

this sentence, I believe that circles the majority of people are very familiar with, many entrepreneurs are physically. Gather beauty is superior in the field of such as electricity and Bruno lafont, female beauty pomelo in the field of APP and a sister, in the field of group-buying Meituan and public comments on… All understand this.

today, we’ll talk about the “thousand regiment war” stay hot “player” — the group and public review, and see how they are Shouting?

a few days ago, and the circle of friends to chat, he said to a very interesting phenomenon: the group and public comments on the recent are focus on the building, the group mainly launch a second-tier cities, the public comments is given priority to with three or four line city. Obviously, the two have begun to enter a new round of fighting and Shouting.

but don’t know you found no, as a group, which is closely linked with the life they didn’t choose these public channels such as TV, radio, they choose is the focus of building advertising to the battlefield, and strategy difference is very big also. The group representing a second-tier cities, “the beautiful time, group a” advertising obviously small and pure and fresh and literary fan; Public comments on the major three or four line city, “the five dollars what is happiness” advertising is simple, direct, grounding gas.

apparently, travel and the group behind the marketing battle is a deep strategy and logic, choose to focus and put in the city, it is against the status quo of both reflect.

we see the first question first: Meituan and public comment on why he chose to focus building advertising for the battlefield? I think that can be explained from two dimensions.

1) the information model of

it is well known that the regiment and public comments are typical representatives of O2O, join online consumers is an important commercial form, is also the basic route of user information acquisition and conversion. So, hunting the accuracy of online users, for them to become significant.

however, from the perspective of the pattern of consumer information, simply said that there are two, one is called active one is called passive. Initiative is the man what is access to the information, what is passive is the person living space. Round up a consumer, the left-hand side is how to catch him access to the information; The right hand side is the most important living space how to catch him. Both the attack, this people can’t run away.

at present, social media, represented by the information platform of apparently has become a consumer access to the main information actively, and represented by points the life circle of media channels is the latter. Meituan and public comments as a typical form of O2O model enterprise, to seize the consumers, the online marketing has become inevitable.

2) for the user’s key channel

Meituan and public comments are the main local life service, providing consumer information such as beer and skittles. Their user highly coincidence with the focus building population age are concentrated in the 20 to 45 years old, is the urban white-collar workers, office workers, business elite of high-quality consumer crowd.

plus, the television media ratings continue to fall, the video website promotion type micro movie is more and more neglected, submerged in the torrent of information. And the focus of this building advertising is not the same, it belongs to push. It caught the public time and fragments of boredom. Because at that moment, not waiting for the elevator building ads, is the best way to avoid embarrassment and eliminate boring you.

so, if I can in prime time (working hours) to its potential consumers to push the contents of advertisements, hunting natural effect.

the second question: “why representing a second-tier cities, while the public comments on those three or four line city? This question, I can feel from the two companies of different development path and gene to answer.

the public comment on 10 years of development to the set up the position and the threshold in the areas of life service, especially in a second-tier cities, it has a difficult position and reputation to shake. And Meituan network as a rising star, since its establishment to be year 300% growth in turnover, three or four line city “base” blossom everywhere, also let the outside world for its overwhelming impression.

because of this, the two companies of the corporate culture also has the corresponding difference. Million euro founder huang yuan once said, “elder brother and public comments, Meituan’s many employees come into contact with, the public comments on the staff the small endowment, Meituan employees more coercive desperately… Public comments on headquarters in Shanghai, work atmosphere of weaker, heard that high-level has already begun to promote the Wolf sexual culture, trying to employees of entrepreneurial enthusiasm; Meituan headquarters in Beijing, and stronger sense of crisis, has been in wangjing rented two buildings, rapid advance towards the direction of the big companies.”

obviously, it is because the two know their own strengths and weaknesses, a renewed offensive will and different strategies. For public comments, with the aid of micro letter after get traffic entrance, vigorously develop three or four line market become a top priority, and the group? Began to rural areas to encircle the cities, deeper into a second-tier cities population and harvest.

” run “and” shouted, Meituan and public comments are among the “thousand”!


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