Memories of an era, Rush, Ireland

On Friday night he called me Kali, Rodrigo had come to Salamanca, and he wanted to see me.

The three of us agreed that wonderful summer in Rush, Ireland. The truth is that that night with Rodrigo and Kali brought me good memories about that time .. about 6 years ago (if I remember correctly it was about 2001). It would have been great to have been able to meet all together sometime after that …

We are many who were in that English camp in Ireland (organized by kellscollege) and very few with whom I still maintain contact, and it is a pity, because there were wonderful people.

I remember those afternoons with Guille, by the way I saw him recently in Sexyono, that you know I voted you with a 10 :-D, kali, Carlos and Rodrigo, Javi “the long” who also studied computer science 😛 (the last time I saw him), the Galicians, Maria, Julia, Sonia, Hugo, Pedro, Uxia, Natalia, also Maria the one with the massages, Sara, Gerard, we had a mishap with her clavicle … to the canaries … Mariona etc etc

And also to the Yugoslavs, Igor and Cia … who invited us to a bottle to Guille and to me, my mother as we finish xD I do not even remember how I got home 😛

And to the French, Remi (I still have him in the msn), Marion Boccacio or Boccaccio I do not remember well 😛 (I lost track makes it sooooo, the last thing I had was a mail @ …) and some more but that I no longer remember their names .. 🙁

And what about the truchoteist wedding we celebrate? and of the cochinorras? (only for connoisseurs) 😛

Surely I forgot one more, since I’m remembering this from memory 🙂 Anyway, for all of us who were there, a big hug very strong wherever you are 😉

If someone wants to contact someone, you already know my mail, ta hanging there 😉

Ireland, Rush 2001 summer camp

Speed study ADSL and Cable

A study on ADSL speed and cable has been carried out, where we can know the results globally or by communities.

Interesting percentages of efficiency, something that I found very curious is that the ADSL 20 Megas is unable to offer better service than the 10 🙂 Despite how well they paint it …

They also let us know that Madrid, Catalonia, and Comunidad Valenciana are the sites where better Internet services are offered (price and result)

Another thing that I liked is that for 4 MB the best services offered in my community is ONO (In spite of how much people complain, it works for me quite well), which is who I have contracted with my connection.

If you want to see all the results of the study, you have it on the ADSL Zone page.

Ultimate Ubuntu

It is available version 1.2 of Ultimate Ubuntu, the ideal answer for users who want a complete system, with a huge number of packages, just install it on your computer. Ultimate Ubuntu is based on Edgy Eft, the stable version of Ubuntu Linux, with all the extras of series: p2p, multimedia, web design, programming … few are the things that we need to download and install after completing the installation process of this option .

There are approximately 1.7 GB of data in ISO format, which after burning it to a DVD with our favorite burner, will provide us with a complete GNU / Linux system.

For downloads and more details: