Men allowed! to be a women news soufangwang heaven and earth

since middle school, the girls will want to, just to have a chance to chat well with girlfriends, hence the “” Ladies’ Four O ‘Clock Club”. But then again, three women a play, a group of women gather together together, there will always be some special topic, which is known to all. And can trust female friends together, women can always completely honest and relaxation, and when the man in the situation would not be so.

today, a man named website, aims to build a network of women can speak freely chat room, this is, of course, is to put a man out of, like “Ladies’ Four O ‘Clock Club”. This program is made up of CEO Susan Johnson and CTO Neal jointly founded Kemp, and this week will be completed under the support of Y Combinator hatch.

although there are many women for users and reflect the strong, such as Jezebel, XoJane, iVillage, the BlogHer network and so on, is countless. Going against in a few key parts. From these sites, all controlled by the user, the topic is the proposed user himself, like Reddit and Metafilter is a pure community. Second, is prohibited from male users more strict than other sites, because men user login or visit the web site content is completely rejected. The site’s user attaches great importance to “open” for women only the elements (the project investor Jason Calacanis enter on Twitter met with strong opposition). Once found account was accessed by a man, the account will be instantly freeze. In the near future, will release a beta version, the company plans to use Facebook account to confirm user’s gender.

in an interview earlier this month, CEO and co-founder of, Susan Johnson told me that she was in college was involved in developing a man named “Savvy Girl” web site, it is she wants to learn from each other for the female for the first time in my life, each other to share their experiences and ideas to build a platform is absolutely safe and reliable. Although she had the idea after university aside, continue to work in the entertainment and digital media company, but when she was promoted to head of marketing in the Facebook, she realized her dream is to build a website designed for women, and the dream is possible.

Johnson said. “I started to really pay attention to what do people on Facebook, and how they share information. Although we are friends (friends) with personal privacy, I know women friends also just send photos of their children, their holiday scenery – they is back on certain topics.” But once the line, or in an email to the girlfriends, “brake suddenly opened the son”. Johnson patiently telling, “we will chat a lot at sixes and sevens, such as what we eat, what we think, we are doing, and so on and so on. Then I thought, why can’t we on Facebook so far apart to kan?”

Johnson explained that in sites like Facebook and Pinterest interaction between men and women are allowed, although women in the aspect of social networks has been the dominant group. “When all users are women, they will be completely different to the conversation between. As long as there is a man to join, they talk of tone and rhythm will become. As Aileen Lee said, the woman is the ruler of the Internet. So why not have a website designed for women?”

in August 2012, Johnson quit her job at the Facebook and spend some money to buy the domain name, before she bought the domain name, it is a NBC to jump to iVillage (Johnson would not like to say how much the URL spent her money, but before a man bought her but took seven digits). There she found Kemp as co-founder of technical aspects, and then they set out to build the site. In early June, the site officially launched closed.

today, has a very simple interface: a home page, a few based on the classification of the topic, such as fitness and health, family, career, love and the other. This site will put forward a discussion topic every day. The scope of the contents of this website is very wide also: today’s hot topic, all the content from Kegels, do you want to use her husband’s name, for example, today’s policies and regulations and so on and so on.

today, users are between 25 to 40. Johnson said, “our experience in older users did not look good. We also did not want to attract girls between 13 to 25, at least not yet. Our products are mainly oriented to just can be defined as the crowd of women, which is just get a life experience that a group of people after graduation.” never relax the management of the number of users, Johnson and Kemp said they also deliberately maintained a slow growth of the web site, to make sure that its operational efficiency. Still, this small community is extremely busy, at some long speech is not fanciful. Johnson and Kemp said that in the near future, this website will add many complex social issues. Today, the building of this website is very simple, but as long as you and Johnson and Kemp talked to each other, you will be able to feel deeply, as long as the website works well, it is bound to fire.

Johnson without taboo, points out that nowadays the scope of topics on may be a little narrow, and focuses on some serious enough, but is also a significant change of speech of the catalyst. “Twitter at first did not want to undermine the government. Facebook didn’t know that at first to make distant family members to close together. We hope we can become a final castle, let a female vocal safety no matter they are talking about fashion, or discuss the fact that all the women in Saudi Arabia can’t drive. We just need to know what they care about is enough.”