Mercedes, hyundai, Volvo CarPlay: apple automotive systems is a piece of leather

a few days ago, in the New York international auto show, Mercedes Benz, Volvo, modern respectively shows their on-board system — CarPlay apple in the car. Foreign reporters after the test, points out that Volvo CarPlay is one of the most simple and easy to use.

however, overall CarPlay is a piece of leather, it is more the value of the car manufacturers, mainly lies in its application of the ecological system.

here are some assessment experience of main information:

the first, three different vendors for their own preferences, CarPlay mode of operation for the transformation of different level. Modern and Volvo have adopted a more touch; While Mercedes rely more on heavy knob and physical buttons;

second, on the presentation of CarPlay, can feel the car manufacturers. On the one hand, they don’t want to give up their original vehicle system; On the other hand, they all think CarPlay future can bring more third-party application adapter, so as to build the complete application ecosystem.

this contradiction, caused CarPlay and original on-board system “two skin”.

Mercedes and modern CarPlay as an application, and the vehicle system of the local navigation, bluetooth, climate regulation, and other functions completely separate. This means that CarPlay only by them as the original system on the “third party app store”.

Volvo will CarPlay as a system and their original coordinate system interface, its integration degree is relatively high. The user to enter CarPlay interface, can be used in the case of no exit air conditioning and other services. In view of this, Volvo CarPlay operating higher fluency, and more simple and easy to use.

third, CarPlay in a larger extent, dependent on voice operation assistant Siri. Almost all the existing CarPlay operation, can be done through the voice commands. If car manufacturers are willing to, then they can completely remove manual writing instruction input mode.

it is important to note that these three CarPlay voice commands in the receiver, is to use the car the original microphone, rather than using the iPhone’s microphone.

as a “lightweight” on-board system, CarPlay is so far only skin (the iPhone screen into the car). And Google car alliance, the purpose of CarPlay hope can by bringing in automobile manufacturers, is the significance of iOS devices to sell more.

what apple more “soft” CarPlay and Google more radical Automotive Link who will eventually win? Let’s wait and see!