Merchants from liu: listed last year owed the return

is listed on the jingdong “landscape”, a merchant in jingdong open platform find cloud network hunting “indictment” jingdong, in his view, jingdong is a crushing partner, no good faith enterprise. As to the executives of jingdong, especially in the field action involving hundreds of thousands of debt on the drama of the collective silence “.

Total (

jose is adopted in this paper, at the request of fact people not her real name), who runs a jewelry electricity, beginning in 2013, jingdong deals are stretched to the olive branch to his enterprises to seek cooperation. “At that time, the expression of jingdong mean is very clear, I hope we can do big bulk sales, thereby helping to jingdong to complete their own sales targets.”

Mr Jose provide and jingdong E-mail

“must reduce prices, higher sales, to attract users to buy, so we discussed the specific ways of cooperation, and jingdong jingdong through rebates and subsidies as a support for our business activities.” Mr Mourinho said at the time the cooperation way is repeatedly communicate with jingdong, and obtained the jingdong’s consent.

since February 2013, the cooperation. In the process of cooperation and Mr Jose company, jingdong first is according to the agreement, the cooperation (this also fully prove the authenticity of the agreement), but in what happened next let jose always broken heart.

sole to hunt in this Zhang Mu total cloud network provide a jingdong off bills, you can clearly see the jingdong Mr Jose’s default company a total of more than 380000 yuan.

in order to recover the legitimate income, Mr Jose call urged jingdong in terms of payment for many times, even to jingdong headquarters personally. After six months of debt collection process, Mr Jose is tortured.

“the beginning, jingdong said promised to soon. But, later found jingdong still haven’t got the remittance, then found that call the jingdong, texting all don’t love take reason, I had to run to the jingdong’s headquarters to question. The feedback is certainly as soon as possible, was very pleased to hear the news of giving, but jingdong lose credit, found still didn’t give the money back from Beijing. In the end things to development of jingdong to question the authenticity of this cooperation agreement, I was very angry, jingdong so big of an enterprise, how to act like a rogue ruffian, I also never thought, jingdong would do such a thing, it’s shocking!”

Mr Jose said, jingdong in December last year trying to avoid the money, denies the existence of a cooperation agreement, so he had to find out the previous cooperation email forwarded to the jingdong surnamed lu executives, though, but still didn’t give payment jingdong aspects, and have been a perfunctory attitude.

for jingdong, hundreds of thousands of may is a very small number, but for a small electrical business, very affect cash flow. Mr Jose in debt collection were unsuccessful, and thought of a way.

“all know big company level, the process is long, find their executives reflect, can quickly solve?” So Mr Jose XiangJing east open platform, Kate kui is sent to the email, the head of the results. Mr Jose hope jingdong executives to justice for him, but still hope dashed.

get Mr Jose reflected, hunting cloud network contact jingdong official starts on March 6, is how to explain the jingdong?

March 6:

cloud network connection jingdong pr hunting, gave Mr Jose a reflection of the twins to jingdong, jingdong, according to the reply hunting cloud network will verify the situation, and give the reply as soon as possible.

March 7:

hunting cloud network contact again jingdong pr, jingdong said “it’s described as currently we learned some discrepancy, we are also in the further verification.”

10 March

hunting cloud network contact again jingdong pr, jingdong said the matter had feedback to the business department, business department don’t give reply, further progress, follow up the matter as soon as possible to give a reply.

at the same time of and jingdong pr communication, hunting cloud network also tried to contact the responsible for public relations, vice President of jingdong market frank xu lei, March 7 hunting cloud network frank xu lei calls for many times, no one answered. On March 10, in the form of cloud network hunting through text messages to frank xu lei reported Mr Jose, demand jingdong, but strangely, later found call frank xu lei, cloud network editor’s phone has been hunting the shielding.

then, hunting cloud network brings jingdong headquarters followed Mr Jose, XiangJing east to an explanation about the matter. Jingdong official promised Mr Jose, will arrange the payment as soon as possible. And through other channels to Mr Jose said, don’t let Mr Jose “with the media to make trouble.”

at the time, Mr Jose to hunt cloud network, said the results eventually came under.

when nearly two months have passed, jingdong has listed, Mr Jose confirmed to hunt cloud network yesterday, jingdong Mr Jose payment in arrears is still uncertain, Mr Jose contact jingdong official for many times, “don’t answers the phone, mail back, sink”. Jingdong arrears reluctant to, this has also led to Mr Jose companies operating in the difficult.

“have big boss is worth $6 billion, last year default money, total want to also.”

according to hunt cloud network, similar to the default payment for goods to jingdong businesses more than Mr Jose, a $2 million payment in arrears of jingdong merchants have charged jingdong and get a court case, the case is opening in June.

senior insiders told cloud network hunting, jingdong squeeze so many things partners.

jingdong for closed shop merchants deposit can also drag drag, an electricity sellers convective cloud network, said how much because we can not sell goods, enterprises in jingdong shop has already closed, but prior to jingdong jingdong deposit will not be returned.

“we didn’t dare to say, is not in jingdong dry before jingdong often default payment for goods, who dare say ah. Afraid of be jingdong revenge.”

the more wonderful work happens in the electrical business, Mr. Wang is going back to payment for goods, only the decision “threat” jingdong, “I write E-mail to jingdong executives, if you don’t pay, we can only pull a bunch of employees to jingdong make banners at the gate of debt collection.” Science is, however, was responsible for jingdong POP business executives Kate kui soon arranged also money.

jingdong repeatedly explained to the world and the fund chain there is no problem, why partners in arrears payment? This is hard to understand to the outside world.

although jingdong successfully listed, but jingdong everywhere buried the hidden trouble of the non-standard, recent stock distribution is unknown, popped the jingdong industry of jingdong employees get stocks prove true to hunt cloud network.

“stock once 1 5, the company said it would protect the interests of employees, but I have 10000 shares, but is now have 50000 shares, 2000 shares, or the company did not give any instructions, the family asked me, I really don’t know.”

Mr Jose has disappointed in jingdong, said it had hired a lawyer, will be formally charged jingdong.