Microsoft Azure ML, in “machine intelligence” to help enterprises make decisions

according to foreign media coverage of science and technology, Microsoft plans next month to open to the public its based on Microsoft’s cloud service, Windows Azure machine depth of autonomous learning services (preview) – Azure ML. The service is designed to help customers through the Microsoft development tools templates to build forecast analysis services. That is to say, customers can predict the future events, rather than just analysis ever has happened.

Azure ML in the company’s internal code-named “Passau. The algorithm technology from the Xbox Live and Bing existing business. The project director is Joseph Sirosh, joined Microsoft in the end of 2013. Who is the amazon’s vice President of global inventories platform.

Azure ML includes the following several parts:

a design platform tool, designed to automate business analysis; An application programming interface (API) service, providing customers with the original database tools such as docking; A software development kit (SDK), is used to build the application above the Azure ML.

Microsoft officials claimed that over the past few months the Rio 100 customers and partners with Azure ML private version of the service.

at the same time, Microsoft is using Azure ML in their own store used to reduce the occurrence of fraudulent transactions. Staff said that after use to reduce fraud by 15 to 20%.

machine learning in Microsoft is positioning as a focus of more and more important. Microsoft officials about definition of machine learning as “a kind of creating a model using historical data problem, and use it to predict the future success of behavior or trend.”

at present, the machine learning is usually local processing, and data needs to be specially trained scientists designed for statistical computing and programming language. Machine learning model requires several months or longer. To sum up, this process is quite complicated. Microsoft machine learning services, good knock provides customers with “not bothered” solution.

Microsoft did not determine the time of platform release, but they will CloudML/Azure ML best self-help.