Microsoft can or will push a and iOS, Android adaptation smart watch

, Microsoft is currently developing a watch has the functions such as heart rate identification of intelligence. It is worth noting that this one has a secret more than a year of development of products in the future will be and the iOS and Android devices for adaptation.

the report points out, Microsoft has been drawn from the it department engineer, responsible for the product development work. After media reported that Microsoft “the father of called” Alex Kipman currently responsible for Microsoft’s wearable equipment projects.

it is understood that Microsoft will use this watch “special customized for small screen devices” Windows. It can monitor the user’s heart rate, battery life can take up to 2 days.

this message is not surprising. Microsoft wants to let own service can be run on more platforms, therefore, it is likely to be involved in beginning of wearable devices, and with a variety of adaptation of the system platform. After rumors about Microsoft, nokia smart watches.

Microsoft is a very forward-looking enterprises. As early as in 2004, Microsoft it introduced a “smart watches” SPOT. Unfortunately, the arrival of the mobile Internet Microsoft got up very early, but actually catch a late set.