Microsoft CEO, full mail: why I decided to cut

on July 17, Microsoft announced Thursday that it plans to cut up to 18000 employees this year, this will set the biggest job losses in the history of Microsoft, the reason is that it is working to digest buy nokia mobile phone business deals, and adjust itself to adapt to the future development.

in April this year after the completion of the acquisition of nokia mobile phone business deal, Microsoft’s total about 127104 employees, this means that the scale of the cuts is equivalent to the nearly 15% of its workforce.

below is the Microsoft CEO, to send email to Microsoft employees full text memo:

the sender: satya,

All staff of

the recipient:

date: July 17, 2014,

theme: to develop our company organization and culture

in the e-mails sent to you last week, I we expounded comprehensively as a productivity and platform company’s strategic development direction. Have a clear focus is the starting point of the journey, not a destination. More difficult steps we need to create our company organization and culture, so as to make our wishes come true. Today, I will discuss our future will be the problem of how to move forward with you to share more information. Earnings call on July 22, I will also share further more detailed information, content will be in what fields and we will focus our innovation investment.

in order to achieve our wishes, we need in the right way to the construction company, and the first step you need to reconfigure the company’s workforce. With this in mind, we will start in the next year the company’s overall workforce to cut up to 18000 people. Among them, for nokia devices and services to create together and strategic allocation of relevant work will account for about 12500 jobs, cut by personnel will include professionals and factory workers.

at the moment, we are working on to cut 13000 jobs, most of them will be cut staff will be notified in the next six months. It is important to point out, though we are in some areas of the workers, but at the same time in the field of other strategic is newly hired staff. My commitment is to you, we will as much as possible to prudence and transparent way to complete the process.

for all employees will be affected by these changes, we will provide severance pay, and transferred opportunities in many places. All would because of its congratulations on the company to get the respect they deserve.

in later today, your senior management team members will share more information about the company organization change what will happen. Our actions are mainly on the results of two kinds of driving force, work simplification and nokia devices and services integration and strategic allocation.

first of all, we will simplify the works to further promote accountability, and become more flexible. As part of the modernization process, our each discipline will change. In addition, we also plans to reduce management level, in order to speed up the flow of information and decision making process, this will include the organization become more flatter, and expanding the control range of the personnel manager, etc. In addition, our business process and support pattern will also become more streamlined, trust each other between team will be enhanced.

what these changes will lead to the overall result is, Microsoft’s internal teams will become more productive and influence. These changes will be to Microsoft’s own Labour and dealer’s employees at the same time. Each organization change will be from different starting points, and at different speed.

second, we will focus on integrating nokia devices and services team to Microsoft. We will implement in September last year announced the deal promised by the resultant force. The first mobile phone product portfolio will configured based on Microsoft’s strategy development direction. In order to win the high price in the product category, we will focus on breakthrough innovation, in order to pass Microsoft digital work and life experience, and make it more vivid. In addition, we also plan to get specific nokia X series product design based on Windows system running of the company products. This will expand our success in the field of cheap smartphones, also accord with our with Windows Universal Apps as the center of the strategy.

make a decision on these changes is difficult, but at the same time also is very be necessary. Here I want to invite you to my monthly q&a meeting will be held tomorrow, hope you can in them, put forward any problem in your mind. On the occasion of moving forward in order to develop our company organization and culture, I want to thank you for your support.


source: tencent technology