Microsoft CEO, : we didn’t lose, they also didn’t win!

Satya naidu (Della Satya Nadella) to act as their CEO of Microsoft for five months, he made it clear to change and adjust the Microsoft to lead a new round of technological change. Towards the end of this fiscal year, Microsoft, issued a detailed letter, described his blueprint for Microsoft’s future planning. In which he mentioned the importance of mobile and cloud computing, Microsoft focus for equipment and services is terminated, and laid a solid foundation for future large-scale change. He said: “in the face of the future work, we should be more brave than in the past, more ambitious.”

TheVerge editor is mentioned in the memo, the content of the call satya Della, talked about the led by the new CEO of Microsoft’s future. Cloud network hunting for you compile as follows:

I know your time is limited, so let’s start directly. To introduce the new memo.

Della: at a time when we end of the fiscal year, is a memorable moment. I’d like to take this to motivate employees, let them know our core, the soul and the cultural change in the future planning. Obviously, 100000 employees now if you want to talk to, have to use public way, and open to customers, partners, and media.

there is one thing I think over and over again: “as a company, we in the” mobile first, cloud computing is the highest “world, can contribute?”

it is the core of the memo. In the office, voice assistant Cortana is a typical example. Imagine, imagine you are a salesman, plans to attend sales meeting in Cortana what can do for you. Location-based services make it know your schedule, and know that you met with which companies, who and where to go to see. It can work for you to complete customer relationship management (CRM), and not just according to the map information to bring you there. So, this is what we want to create “intelligent agent” – it can be according to the data, providing personalized, organized service, improve office efficiency.

at this time, if you don’t have the innovative culture, any strategy to use. In fact, we have launched the innovation process, so to introduce more new features to our core engineering, such as design and scientific data.

we also do the layered management, to ensure that the number of decision makers at least when need to make a decision, and we are opposed to any dogmatism. This is not to say that we’re going to do something to change every once in a while, but to show that “we are a enterprise of continuous learning and change, everyone can promote the company”. This is my memo to reflect.

what you said just now seems to be very focused on enterprise, no consumer business. Does this suggest that, in terms of the end user, Microsoft decided to shift focus to enterprise, away from consumers?

, : I will not separate businesses and consumers. Whether your so-called corporate clients or ordinary consumers, they are all people first. In fact, I called for the dual purpose, it is probably the most unique. On our equipment, for example, there is always a Pandora service, but we in operating systems, cloud computing and software can do different things? We can do OneDrive cloud storage services, as well as pay OneDrive for Business, users can share and save the enterprise image. We can combine the two, more convenient to the user’s life and work. This, to me is very important.

but for an ordinary consumer, when they entered the best buy store, in a wide variety of products, found that, in addition to Microsoft and Google, apple. In smartphone market share, for example, you have to win to grasp? How do you make consumers believe that Microsoft is a different company, and the past is different also, such as in the 1990 s or at the beginning of this century, Microsoft is not the same?

, : I want to say is that the current any share of the market, can’t represent our future ambitions. You pointed out the current we are faced with the challenge, and the solution is to first understand “why do you want to choose our equipment?”

Surface Pro 3, for example. I want the user to say: “I love this stuff, because it is both tablets, and laptops. I can put it in the bag to listen to music, and can carry out the Word file to edit, make notes, etc. Is very convenient.” We hope that we can do good things for their own definitions and publicity, to attract the public users. Facts have proven that the user not only need to listen to music and watching TV, also need to get some work done, and that’s what we do well.

in the process of competition, we should be proud to admit that he is different. This is something we have to do in terms of equipment. Our Windows installed on more than 300 million computers, I know that mobile phone number and I will not confuse the difference between 300 million and 1 billion, but the 300 million is actually 300 million.

convince consumers Microsoft is important and to be a part of their lives, that is important? Or whether Microsoft will persuade fortune 500 enterprises, large enterprises to accept Microsoft, connect the Internet services and equipment, but whether this will sacrifice consumer business?

na Della: no. I am convinced that, to persuade consumers is the most important. you will market is defined as “it has been forming, apple and Google has win the market, because they won the” consumer market. But I don’t agree with this. I want to say is, “any consumer should consider Microsoft, because you are not just a consumer. You still need to work, need high efficient production, and we can provide you with better service.” This is what I want to emphasize.

so, how do you change the status quo? How to change the mindset?

Della: the only thing we can change is the product. Surface Pro 3 after launch, our share of the tablet market has a lot of improvement, we will be in after the earnings conference call for discussion. We will through the phone to change – in some countries, our mobile phone market share from 3% to 10%, it is a celebration of achievement. We have a more ambitious target. We in many countries, and even some western European countries, there are more than 10% market share. But I know that reality is still that the United States, we are nothing. But we will have been trying to, the core is to provide users with value of product differentiation.

said to the smartphone market share, has to say about the market share of the tablet. Do you believe that Microsoft can occupy a more competitive position?

na Della: of course I do. in the world today, multiple ecosystems across different size of the screen, cloud computing services will appear in all ecological system, it is Microsoft’s future. I hope all the ecosystems on the main screen has Microsoft services. such as Skype. I hope our own ecosystem can occupies more market share in all of the devices.

as I said above, our Windows installed on more than 300 million computers, dominant in the field of PC, but we also want to compete in the field of new products, in the next five years, we have to enter new product areas. This is my view of the world.