Microsoft has begun to allow a third party company resell the cloud services

message a few days ago, Microsoft’s official blog said the public license, allowing third-party companies to resell its Azure cloud services, in order to expand feeling. At the same time, under this strategy, Microsoft will also draw many potential competitors into partners, on the basis of cooperation, can resell side above the Azure cloud services with other services, for Microsoft’s partners is worth waiting for.

Microsoft will officially authorized to open in August.

one of Microsoft’s reseller in Ireland MicroWarehouse sales technical director Aidan Finn said in his blog, he thinks that Microsoft’s strategy will make Azure services more attractive. For corporate customers, from their familiar, habits of services purchased cloud services, clearly more convenient than another sign a cooperation agreement with Microsoft. The resale method is especially useful for small and medium-sized enterprises – when enterprise scale is less than Microsoft’s enterprise cooperation agreement requirements, their little cloud service professionals in the company, the share of the small cloud services obtained from the resale and your. Finn said, there are some Microsoft partners in the case of not authorized has spontaneously for the resale of the Azure services. So Microsoft’s public license not only expand the reach, bringing in partners, also let their cloud services with degree of differentiation.

as a old company in the industry, Microsoft’s marketing channel is more perfect, is the amazon, Google and other rising star has a big advantage. It’s use of the existing channel resources to extend the Azure cloud service scope has to make full use of its advantages.

Via: Network World