Microsoft incorporated nokia mobile phone, but didn’t get “Connecting People”

a few days ago, we reported the more details about Microsoft collected nokia mobile phone manufacturing sector. Although nokia will no longer exist independently as an independent mobile phone brand, nokia still keep their iconic company slogan: “Connecting People”.

“Connecting People” for the purpose of the nokia’s enterprise, it is widely accepted in the Chinese translation is: people-oriented science and technology. “People-oriented science and technology” is nokia’s slogan, also represents what they have always been advocated by the enterprise culture and spirit. Of course, literal translation also can we work as a “unicom all.” Once the mobile communications industry, although lost the core of nokia mobile phone manufacturing operations, but to some extent, retained is closely related to mobile phone manufacturing operations management concept and spirit.

this document also exposes some other information:

Microsoft won the 18-month nokia brand right of use. But Microsoft is thinking about to launch a new brand.

Microsoft completely mastered the use of the company and the Asha, is not only related to patent right.

Microsoft hasn’t the iconic ringtone for nokia, nokia Connecting People, etc.

to join Microsoft’s former employees may not be about their work, the described with nokia phones.

nokia in the future will be full to the transformation of software and services, we are looking forward to it can continue to Connecting People in the new field.