Microsoft is no longer confused! The version of Office monthly download 15 million times

thank you. Login in the official App Store, according to the TC 46 days, the version of Office downloads have already broke through 27 million, the figure is 12 million last month. This means that in just a month of time, the version of Office under the new number is 15 million, on average every day more than 580000 users to download the app.

according to the survey, in which the Word is still the most popular office applications. So far, the version of the Word in the App Store (USA) ranking has climbed to 11, and in the subsequent login Google Docs currently ranked apple’s App Store has been increasingly slow down to 23.

although we can’t judge the current version of Office how much the potential market. But since the launch, this app keeps rising steadily growth.

as bringing the rise of the tide of office equipment, office to tablet represented by way of a new office, is gaining more and more companies approval. But Microsoft doesn’t seem to high in this area are safe. First of all, Microsoft Windows Phone and Windows RT is no longer the dominant system, can’t use Microsoft’s policy of “bundling” for a long time. Second, represented by Google Docs and Dropbox cloud coordination treatment office applications, and impact in the increasingly fierce market.

as CEO of Microsoft, and ballmer Della seems to be at the beginning of the strategy is quite different. Ballmer wants to software and hardware integration strategy, and, hope to regain the Microsoft as the software giant’s success — let Microsoft continues to become a party to rule the mobile intelligent device applications. Ballmer after his announcement, completed the acquisition of nokia, but also by the board from office. Della “mobile first, and cloud based” strategy will work, remains to be seen. But, at least for now, Microsoft’s new strategy is more sophisticated.