Microsoft “last minute” abandon Surface Mini that are not competitive

according to, although Microsoft engineers around the clock to develop Surface Mini equipment, but at the last minute, it was in the Microsoft CEO, and Microsoft hardware department chief Stephen elop, head of the opposition, which has finally been shelved. They give the reason is that compared with competitors, smaller size of the Surface RT tablet did not have enough differentiation advantage, so that it can’t be successful in the market.

after the media was widely reported that Microsoft will launch yesterday for a carry qualcomm processor “Surface” Mini tablet. But Microsoft yesterday just sold a product – Windows 8.1 system.

reporter asked whether Microsoft will launch Surface RT tablet, but Microsoft doesn’t seem to have a clear answer.

“for Microsoft Windows equipment based on ARM, is still very important.”

at present, we can’t infer that Microsoft will abandon the Windows RT product line. The news that the Surface Mini may be delayed until 2015.

of course, if does not abandon Microsoft Windows RT products makes us feel surprised. According to IDC statistics show that Surface Pro since launch way create profits is four times the size of the Surface RT (Surface 2). It is worth noting that Microsoft Surface RT had lost $900 million.