Microsoft may have not given up Surface Mini…

recently, Microsoft in a public document, “accidental” revealed the smaller size of the Surface flat, Surface Mini really exist (a).

Microsoft officially launched the Surface Pro 3 last month. Let a person feel a little sadly, after media reported a number of around 7-8 inches of Surface for the Mini was not. Sources, and Stephen elop Della in the small size plate to be released a few days ago, to stop the launch of the device. Reason is that both think more small size Surface products in this area, there is no competitive advantage compared with competitors.

in view of this, some analysts questioned the so-called Surface Mini ever really exist, and the value of its existence.

last week, the official release of Microsoft Surface Pro 3 user code, there are several words basically proved that the Surface of the Mini. “You can be in the set, the Surface stylus and Surface Mini for adaptation.” In addition, two other disciplinary mentions Surface Mini users when using OneNote and automatic screen, matters needing attention.

so far, we still can’t determine whether Microsoft to completely abandon the Surface of the Mini launch plans.

you know this is a product from the official user manual. The text is really just surprise? Hunting cloud network editor you think it is far from simple. Microsoft wants to in a short period of time, challenge in the field of smart phones Android is almost impossible. Meanwhile, Microsoft is promising in the field of tablet. Especially when the emergence of the mobile phone tablet concept, with the rise of the tide of office equipment, Microsoft wants to counter attack from flat areas I wouldn’t rule it out completely.