Microsoft nokia deals comprehensive explanation

guide language: the tech blog Engadget on Friday published titled “What you need to know about Microsoft to buy Nokia, (What you need to know about Microsoft ‘s acquisition of Nokia) review article, for Microsoft’s acquisition of the causes and effects of the Nokia devices and services in detail in this paper.

the following is the article main content:

born mobile phone maker nokia, the mobile communications industry, it has been producing paper, boots, rubber. Today, $7 billion deal between nokia and Microsoft officially declared complete, henceforth, nokia devices and services department could usher in a new life, a part of Microsoft. However, this strange marriage will bring what kind of change is difficult to know. The two companies have not disclosed information.

however, merger is a start, to really, there is still a long way to go. Even a few months after the deal was done in the future, we may still continue to ask questions, but as executives on both sides, these processes over a period of time is needed to implement one by one. So now, we need to know which related to the acquisition of news?

m&a content

Microsoft bought nokia devices and services business, which includes both smart devices, including mobile devices. In other words, the company, Asha and X series mobile phone will be owned by Microsoft. Design team, supply chain and accessories, most of the factory employees, the relationship between the developers and nokia and testing facilities will be incorporated into Microsoft’s, MixRadio, Store, etc. The same is true of most of the services. As an independent business, nokia Here map service is not included in the deal, but Microsoft has agreed to the business license agreement signed 10 years. In addition, nokia will also retain solutions and network division, the CTO’s office and a large number of patents.

Microsoft will also control equipment related to intellectual property agreement with nokia contract with a third party. Symbian is one such, nokia and qualcomm and the same is true of other chip companies to establish relations of cooperation. Nokia’s imaging talent will also be classified as owned by Microsoft.

due to Microsoft for the company and the Asha brand ownership, so the company can use these brands for the time being. Nokia has planned product can still be introduced over the coming months, unless Microsoft decided to give up certain products. Real Microsoft mobile phone may wait at least another ten months to release, because usually takes a long time to complete the development process.

nokia President and CEO Stephen Elop (Stephen Elop) will be acted as executive vice President of Microsoft equipment group, and will report directly to the Microsoft CEO Satya nabarro Della (Satya Nadella) report. His new position is responsible for all the hardware mobile phones, tablets, Microsoft Surface, Xbox, perceptive pixel products, and accessories. In addition, 2.5 6 staff will join Microsoft together.

trading reason

Microsoft and nokia has launched a close cooperation, but still operate independently. Even if the two sides often cooperation, but still at the development process. They have their own resources, tools, cultural and commercial secrets, this will greatly affect the efficiency. Buying a nokia, Microsoft can now develop the firmware, and hardware from the start, so in theory, development, manufacture and distribution of new mobile phone and tablet efficiency will be improved.

in addition, Microsoft says, if you can better understand the way the hardware and software, can the knowledge to the existing partners, developers and operators.

phone users will be affected by what?

if you have a nokia device, nothing will ever change. Your phone can neither inexplicably stop working, and will not explode, even out of the question, Microsoft will also perform the warranty commitment. Elop repeatedly in the blog, will continue to support the feature phones, and the company, Asha, and X series products. Although he didn’t elaborate, but he means may be said, Microsoft will continue to adhere to the existing equipment and firmware update roadmap. The company in the future will deviate from this strategy is another problem, but the current nokia users should not notice any changes because of the acquisition.

similarly, other Windows Phone users also won’t see any change. Now, there is no reason to think that Microsoft may suddenly terminated with other companies or new equipment to upgrade cooperation, on the contrary, Microsoft seems to be in cooperation with other partners.

Microsoft partner feel?

in addition to the generalized statement, Microsoft most partners have made no mention of their feelings to the acquisition, but we suspect they may have complicated attitude. It is reported that samsung and Google to regulators in China last month, said nokia’s licensing fees will be subject to Microsoft’s control: in fact, the patent authorization problem has always been a focus of attention of related businesses in the future is no exception. However, there are some enterprises become the new partner of Windows Phone, including LG, zte, lenovo, and some of India’s mobile Phone makers, this suggests that many companies are bullish on the mergers and acquisitions, and no rejection was the attitude of this.

these new partners may be just a hope to launch Windows Phone, but still want to wait until after the merger of today to make a decision. After all, almost all the companies mentioned above, no concrete plans have been announced rumour mill is also very rare. , of course, these firms are unlikely to get the same treatment as the nokia, nokia, starting in 2011, after all, support Windows Phone platform since Microsoft has been the main object of cooperation, this will not change.


Microsoft thinks, the prospect of the future is very bright. Mergers and acquisitions, however, it is always easier said than done, done, often encounter the problem such as layoffs, customer service, so you should not too well.

as more details emerged of the transaction, there are two things in particular. The first is the organizational issues: whether Microsoft will retain full 2.5 6 staff for a long time, or will streamline personnel? The second is the equipment support: Microsoft said it would continue to support the entire nokia product portfolio, but in the end will because X series of products using Google operating system and give it up? Whether the company will be ahead of other companies get Windows Phone system update, all partners can get the same treatment? We still have a lot of questions. Now, nokia’s equipment division has become a part of the “Microsoft”, these problems will eventually be answered one by one.

source: sina science and technology