Microsoft released Surface Pro 3: want to “destroy” tablet for my laptop

last night, Microsoft released the third generation of the Surface flat – Surface Pro 3. As Microsoft himself put it, it is an attempt to replace notebook tablet. In addition, we are not seeing the Surface of previous rumours Mini appearance.

Surface Pro 3 prominent characteristics can be summarized as the following:


12 inch screen resolution of 2160 x 1440.


1.76 pounds (about 800 grams). It is worth noting that Microsoft thinks Surface Pro 3 weight more light than the MacBook Air (2.4 pounds), is a prominent advantage of yourself;

thinner; 9.1 mm. Microsoft says the product is with Intel core I series processors, the most frivolous equipment;

more suitable scene more operation: the Kickstart behind more adjustable Angle, basically meet the legs placed, such as mobile use any scenario.

more than four points, should be the most prominent Surface Pro 3 bright spot. It is easy to find, this product will implement the concept of Microsoft has long been – tablet and laptop through (and even the former instead of the latter). Microsoft product of this “neither fish nor fowl” is there a market? Hunting cloud network editor you personally think that’s for sure.

with the popularity of mobile Office, Office and performance more powerful Surface Pro just can achieve organic combination of hardware and software. In addition, with further lightweight Surface products, its mobile portability will be stronger. I prefer to think the Surface in the future will be similar to the ThinkPad products, its target audience is the hope can be office of business people anytime and anywhere.

Surface Pro 3 has three versions, respectively is configured with Intel core i3, i5 and i7 processors. In addition, the Surface Pro 3 from 64 gb to 64 gb of storage space. It is reported, start the product sells for $799, accept reservation tomorrow. Login is expected in the next few month in the Chinese market.

the foreign media after the simple evaluation, points out that the Surface Pro 3 of Windows 8.1 system running smoothly, touch sensitive response, the configuration of stylus feel similar to the real writing. Now, the media generally provides a “happy” the product evaluation.