Microsoft Remote Desktop control Remote Desktop login Windows phone

last year, when Microsoft began with mobile terminal remote desktop control, is the first to launch Android and iOS side remote control application. Today, Microsoft built the preview Windows Phone apply Remote Desktop, finally let their users also use the Remote Desktop control.

now the application can again on the Windows Phone Store for free download, but requires system is WP 8.1 do — — WP8.1 the comprehensive promotion soon, want to reveal, the user can also experience a developer version of WP8.1 first.

WP version of Remote Desktop with Android, iOS version of the similar, all claims to be Remote control Windows PC security preferred.

started using Microsoft Windows NT from early RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) Remote Desktop Protocol to support Remote control, the WP mobile version of Remote Desktop using the same Protocol, to be able to open the Remote operation license of Windows computers.

of course, the mobile phone Remote control Windows PC experience is not too good, Remote Desktop is mainly to meet the demand of users than in a emergency. Microsoft also for Remote Desktop with the gesture and shortcuts, users are familiar with the Shift, Ctrl, Esc, Tab, Win will continue to be active on the stage of the Remote Desktop.

remember Microsoft platform was put forward recently? This time the Remote Desktop is a typical case, can simultaneously run on Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1. Microsoft will continue to launch related applications in the future.