Microsoft suggests that never develop Android phones!

, just announced. , as we had expected. However, people are more concerned about is that nokia mobile phone in the future development in Microsoft’s arms. ,, suggested that Microsoft will completely give up developing Android branch version of nokia mobile phone system.

, said in the letter, future Microsoft will adjust after Nokia X series mobile strategy, make the product more conform to the transformation of Microsoft’s overall layout. In addition, further pointed out that Microsoft will let selected Nokia product into X Windows the company mobile phone.

in February on Nokia to launch its first Nokia handset X with a branch of Android version of the system. That time, the move was elop called “Microsoft’s Google ecosystem invasion of a Trojan horse program”. Hope Nokia X series products with low price, help Microsoft further preemption in emerging markets.

unfortunately, as the Moto E and so on One batch of high quality cheap Android phones, and the advent of Android One project, Microsoft’s dream has basically failed.

as early as in before Nokia to launch X, Forbes media such as attack on Microsoft launched the Android mobile phone is foolish.

Nokia X