Microsoft talent scattered, after acquisition of nokia PureView job-hopping, head of the apple

“excellent camera technique” is a big selling point of nokia mobile phones, or even a friend poking fun at nokia is “Helsinki first photography equipment factory”. However, exquisite pictures, photography technology inseparable from the engineers behind a team effort. It’s a pity that such talent is flowing to other companies. Today apple poached nokia camera technology team a head of Ari Partinen.

Ari Partinen on Twitter, saying that this is his work for the department of Microsoft, nokia, the last day of work will start at apple headquarters in June.

Microsoft to buy nokia, staff turnover is inevitable. But hopefully it’s not as tragic as HP bought Palm. After in 2010 HP bought Palm, Matias Duarte, Mike Bell, Michael Abbott, Peter Skillman these four core all leave. The Matias Duarte went to Google and presided over the Android after 3.0/4.0 series of design and promotion Google VP, Peter Skillman presided over to the nokia N9 once again plunged into the pit (now leading nokia Here map design department).

back to today, in this paper, the role of Ari Partinen, public data shows, he’s in nokia and Juha Alakarhu, Tero Vuori and Eoro Salmelin co-chaired the developed nokia’s proud camera technology Pure View. His public speaking in the media is basically related to the camera. Of course after three Microsoft hasn’t left.

Ari Partinen did not say he will be engaged in what position in the apple, but obviously related to the camera. Regardless of the nokia’s black science and technology, the iPhone’s camera in the same generation has always been a first-class equipment, Air with nokia’s experience, and now must help apple up one more flight of stairs.