Microsoft: turned over the MacBook Air, Surface Pro 3 only $149

Microsoft rolled out again a few days ago “apple products at a discount for Microsoft products’ promotion: single MacBook Air up for $650, in order to buy the latest Microsoft. This means that, by the MacBook Air, discount, $799 version of the basis of Surface Pro 3 lowest price down to $149.

it is understood that the activities will be from now on until 31st next month. Period, all users of the MacBook Air without water, the screen is in good condition, can enjoy the different levels of discount for Microsoft.

in fact, this is not the first time that Microsoft Taiwan down the apple. As early as last year, Microsoft has launched the highest discount of $200 for Surface activity.

what’s interesting is that Microsoft Surface after “attack” the object is the discount activity, and are now replaced by the MacBook Air.

however, this is nothing to fuss, after all, the somebody else claim to Microsoft Surface is a can not only when the tablet but also when the laptop, can not only kill the MacBook Air, but also let the shame “essential oils” type of product.