Microsoft will push Win 9 preview, make every effort to attract the Windows 7 users

yesterday from ZDNet dynamic senior reporter, long-term focus on Microsoft Windows Threshold (Windows 9) preview is due out later this year. It is important to note that reports suggest it is an adaptation respectively Microsoft smartphone, tablet and PC “fusion system”. In addition, the sources said, one of the core target of Windows 9, is attracting more Windows 7 users, let them willing to upgrade to the latest system.

ZDNet reported slightly messy, hunting cloud network editor jun to tidy your main points are as follows:

Windows Threshold, may also known as Windows 9, will officially released in the spring of 2015. Later this year, the preview will meet with the developers of the system.

Windows will likely Threshold WP, Surface and three different Windows PC “unification” operating system of the equipment. Reported that Windows Threshold will be adapted according to different devices with different versions of Windows 9 system. For example, one of the Mobile version is called the Threshold based on ARM architecture and design by Intel Atom Mobile phones, tablet.

Windows, a Threshold core (one of) goal is to make Windows 7 users willing to upgrade to the latest operating system. In view of this, Microsoft’s new version in the system of the traditional computer interact “reset and optimization”. For example, after the media exposure is a blend of Metro icon in the start menu will eventually appear. Even the news that the Windows Threshold (PC) will allow the user to completely shut down Metrol interaction patterns (hunting cloud network editor, however, you think this forecast is not too rely on spectrum).

Windows, a Threshold may for Windows 8.1 or even Windows 7 (Service Pack 1) adopted a policy of free upgrade (this inference is very bold, we temporarily in doubt).

in addition, the report pointed out that Windows 8.1 Update 2 will launch in the next two weeks, Update the degree is not big.