Microsoft will within 18 months “end” nokia function machine business

function machine the overlord of The Times, now one by one to the era of smartphones mercy “lamb”. At least three sheep flock: first only to strip the coat of the blackberry, it is not easy to want to sell; Second were simply changed hands twice MOTOROLA, squeezed light by host value respectively. The third just nokia, it seems better, caught fire from run to an appearance in the fields of gold plated rusted in a cage.

Microsoft announced yesterday that the major layoffs. In 18000 is about to be fired employees, nokia mobile phone sector accounted for 70%. This means that more than the general department of nokia mobile phone was forced to leave the old employees.

the bad news is far more than that. Microsoft and then announced that it will end in the next 18 months nokia function machine business. Including the Asha, 40 Series product line from now on will be in maintenance state, the relevant user won’t get any official update service.

2 g era of nokia, used to have infinite glory. Nokia mobile phones not only because of the appearance of continuous innovation, high quality performance, excellent work is known, has made significant achievements in the field of mobile phone software. Snake, powerful photo, nokia classic ringtones, has become the memory of several generations.

in 2011, being ironic for airborne nokia “Trojan horse” Microsoft elop, the nokia comprehensive platform for WP. Despite the down hole pig teammates by Microsoft, but in the depths of the nokia can only be one side with a “real”, while suffering with delayed action of Microsoft WP and stupid decisions.

in 2013, Mr. Ballmer in face to step down, announcing the acquisition of nokia mobile phone manufacturing and services business. Even though nokia has become a loss-making burden, but the price of $7.2 billion, or make a lot of people think “sell base”.

in the same year, Nokia announced the release system based on Android branch version of Nokia mobile phone X. Widely irony to nokia if you can switch to Android, early not degenerate to the point of today.

today’s announcement means that nokia will soon disappear completely in our memory. It is Microsoft, nokia is instability under the empire of pawn. We don’t know the fate of the future Microsoft nokia phone unit completely marginalized situation is also not impossible.

no matter how, we all hope that Microsoft can treat nokia in the future. Is kill it, should also let it leave the last dignity.