Microsoft’s future core tools: Delve

Microsoft is rolling out a new search tools: Delve. Microsoft has been hard for this product for many years.

according to the Microsoft CEO satya? , (Satya Nadella) plan, Delve will be Microsoft’s core products in the future. , hope the products can help Microsoft into a “productivity and platform company (the productivity and platform company)”.

this means that Microsoft will not pay attention to in the future equipment research and development, and pay more attention to people do use equipment.

, describes a future world for us, your phone, tablet PC, personal computer and the TV before you issue instructions can understand you, and to cater to your needs. We are in the movie “she” (its ehrs) seen such a scene: Samantha intelligent operating system automatically collect the hero Theodore (Theodore) E-mail, then in the master unwittingly submit them to a book publishers.

Microsoft will have a lot of this vision into reality. He said in the memo:

these technologies will make people easier and more effective cooperation. They will use new ways to express ideas. They will experience the magic Delve and Cortana to create intelligent environment. Rely on the Power Q& A, they will easily to ask questions and get very insightful answer. With Skype, the translator, they will overcome the language barrier, change the world.

Cortana is the latest version of Microsoft Windows Phone operating system in a speech aides, smarter than apple Siri.

Skype the translator is a real-time translation tools in Skype, is expected to be released before the end of the year. Skype users can talk about it, it will automatically translate these words.

Power Q& A is an additional Office 365 cloud services, is also A data analysis tool. Office 365 users type in a question, and the Power Q& Can search A stored in SharePoint and Excel on company documents, and provide the user with an answer, perhaps including A chart. (this kind of natural language analysis is “business intelligence (business intelligence)” software of a new generation of products. “Business intelligence” software can be used to predict business indicators such as quarter sales.)

in these technologies above, Delve are perhaps the most interesting. Delve is Microsoft’s search product, it does not search the web, it searches the user’s E-mail, social networking and storage in the Office 365 enterprise files.

Delve using machine learning (machine learning) “technology and artificial intelligence service to users, and to show the user the files, messages, and they need. Microsoft describes Delve:

based on your work and the activities of the relevant personnel, Delve to show you the key information of interest to you.

it’s like Google Now or Cortana, but it is work for your service.

Microsoft in March this year has been showing Delve. Microsoft will next week in 2014 Worldwide Partner Conference (Worldwide Partner Conference) on the official launch this product, and later in the year in Office 365 launch.

if Delve is services for enterprise users, it’s about the only people to work, so Microsoft for the realization of the future vision will go a long way. (Tan Si)

source: BI assigned