Microsoft’s new artificial intelligence project “Adam” to analysis of food, human faces and landscapes

on July 16, Microsoft has developed a called “Adam” (Project Adam) of the latest Project of artificial intelligence, and boasts its recognition such as dogs and vehicles at the speed of the existing system of 50 times.

the program to simulate the human brain, with huge unstructured neural network, must go through the training of the huge amounts of data, to achieve the desired effect. “Adam” initially “blank SLATE”, but in some basic rules and millions of photos, can better identify the object.

after watching thousands of pictures of the dog, it may be able to learn how to the difference between dogs and cats; Look at thousands of photos, it can even distinguish the breed of dog; After more training, through more angles and it can achieve the ability to recognize. This is not a new idea, but Microsoft “Adam” recognition rate and recognition effect is far better than other similar systems. Adam could eventually can also analysis of food, such as face, the scenery more objects. (sina KeJiShu Yu)