Millet 4 conferences, science and technology, is a fool

of course, science and technology circle by millet brush screen today. If we do not grandstanding about something what some sorry audience. A gently mocking title to attract people come in and see, I am very honest. Product launch for millet, the za to slowly.

at the time of just to the national conference center, the side of the road there are cattle to ask need not to need the tickets? For the media, this is a good signal acquisition. I said, they this is how to get the tickets. Nothing to ask, cattle is always very sensitive sense of smell. So evaded cattle directly into the meeting go sign in process.

in the process of haven’t enter the meeting place, or see a lot of warm rice noodles, including a mother with a little rice noodles. Consent took a picture of hair in the hunting cloud network official weibo. Warm and unstoppable, this look forward to a more splendid speech.

the countdown dozen, ray’s booth, the first picked out the old, the only black mouth than guo. Playfully said, they consider invite guo to do conference speaker. Do next five product reviews, the millet millet supply this year 60 million. Michael confident after saying and gree boss bet to win, to give to millet employees and all the people who buy millet.

Michael self-mockery eloquence is bad, have to talk about dream, going to throwing caution to the wind. The ultimate goal of millet: let everyone can enjoy the pleasure of science and technology. Millet is a geek spirit do the advantages of products, by Internet thinking out of the intermediate links, once again, the black soil terrapin. Core team 5 turtles to add 3 soil terrapin, 1800 r&d staff team.

in the conference, millet, please supply chain partners in the meeting on the second floor, touched, ray booth to all partners bowed, millet support thanks to them.

about the triathlon, hardware and software of the Internet. The next review of beautiful MIUI, 65 million active users, to do the best android customization system. Even for a few public wifi, express delivery, harassing phone calls, and examples of yellow pages. Mentioned millet investment companies outside the mai di, telephone help, millet yellow to light application, the user mobile application experience of low frequency time can be completed in millet yellow pages directly in the future, including gender, express delivery business. When it comes to this, in fact you said, he who lives in leather? Ray’s booth in the layout, millet all products are one of the ring, including their products.

the beautiful MIUI developers, in all of 174 million to the ecological function, content, Internet services. MIUI6 released August 16.

when they ran a points, millet this time not to run card, return to craft, overall, rendering a bit. Millet 4 new products again, midway in the process of a paragraph summary is: millet hard to express, what are they doing in the metal box when encountered the problem of how, in the end they work hard, hard, to get rid of the hard, and do very well. A trip to the art of steel plate, the way with these nouns: super narrow bezel, austenitic stainless steel 304, forging forming, annealing, CNC machine tools, wash the bright side, milling cutter, polishing, sandblasting. And a bunch of ordinary users and faintly tall don’t understand the words. Product process pretend bility immediately shot up. Supplier but in this circle, they all contact with these words, fuzzy and whether there will be the eyes seem to be very tall.

the imagination of the back cover, from the metal frame to the mobile phone back cover, all kinds of material of all sorts of color are tried and finally take the popular aesthetic, chose the white and black color, (white and black color and innovation, not fine table) vaguely feel this is millet playing accessories business, actually they play from the start, this is just to give more, to bring attention to this, reminds the user of this desire to consume.

this camera, Michael is also the key when it comes to, let the media in the future to camera team pick fault, take confidence. For the dark scene, take the scene mode (demo also is pretty good, is photographed sound loud at the scene, wake up some people who listen to fall asleep).

the following is the bright point, millet, remote control in the millet mobile phone can instantly turns into a remote control, control of TV, air conditioners, washing machines and other home appliances. And slightly raised, must take the lead in supporting all gree electric appliances. Such a flattering cut into the Internet of things intelligent household. Millet is really a good move.

millet 4 release, said the prices, the early stage of the metal box in the bedding also come in handy, technology is complex, investment, give a person a kind of low pricing will struggle. Finally announced price: 1999 (16 g), 2499 (64 g)

or the original price, or the butcher’s role. Millet hand ring at the end of his thought, millet band to play on the screen, causing a scream. The price of 79 yuan is the butcher, played a lot of domestic hand ring face, ready to elevator advertising estimates will be removed. Only millet has no design, hand ring, too, not beautiful, look like altman’s face. Advantage too but normal foot is fundamental to remove the check amount of exercise, sleep, intelligent alarm clock and super-long standby for 30 days and fully waterproof, also supports intelligent with millet mobile phone unlocked.

millet to the outside world and the media a good concept, is inadvertently released bracelets, pay for bracelets also gives the future bracelets, concepts of Internet of things. For all series of products constitute millet intelligent hardware chain. The last ray booth proud of say, the future of millet to make Chinese people proud of the international brand. Anyway just a show business, cheat and fool, feelings and the feelings, in the national brand, internationalization, millet was a success.

PS: meizu in today, intentionally or not, about to complete round of financial leverage, amount is in 2 billion yuan of above, millet meizu adversaries media loves to bring out contrast, new products on the fighting, like millet in other rivals, in aligning with apple. But can he do it? Meizu? He to whom the announcement of a new look?

last for several popular words, without irony, his dialect accent is very cute: “visit (yihua), almost (jifu), blue (nan)”