Millet 4: “si” graduate work?

cloud network hunting note: millet release 4, it sparked heated debate, the author thinks that millet was established in the 4 years of graduation also use “to” surrendered m 4 graduate works like this. So why millet choose this approach, which is good or bad?

the author: kay article

the iphone: I have a metal frame!

millet: I have!

HTC: I have infrared remote control!
Millet: I have!

samsung: I have a big plastic back casing;
Millet: I have a grating lines of big plastic shell!

OPPO: I have a screen out aesthetic!
Millet: I have!

Vivo: I have F1.8 lens!
Millet: I have!
Meizu: I have a very narrow margin!
Millet: I narrower than you!
Meizu: I am a craftsman.
Millet: I am the blacksmith!
One plus: I have a feeling!
Millet: I have!

one plus: I have a Baby Skin!
Millet: I have!
One plus: I have a bamboo shell!
Millet: I have, but also is much cheaper than you!
One plus: depend! You learn me?
Millet: you don’t learn MOTOROLA?

hammer mobile: I have a broken screen saver risks!
Millet: I have, but also is much cheaper than you!

hammer mobile: I have feelings!
Millet: I have a capacity!
Millet: I have 65 million beautiful MIUI users, do you have?
Millet: I have a theme store, app store, game center, electronic bookstore… Do you have?
Millet: I have a mobile phone, tablet, TV sets, bracelets, ear plugs, routers, box, power supply, mouse pads, and dolls, clothes, hats, shoes, cups… Do you have?

China’s Internet, tencent has been criticized as “plagiarism”, based on its large user base, no matter what can bring a little change or optimization is often thoroughly remould oneself even more successful than the original; Millet in the 4 years graduation also use “to” surrendered m 4 such graduation work.

in terms of exterior design, millet to and “shanzhai” draw a line had already abandoned the m 1 and m 2 times “no design is the design of the best”, but 3 m began to imitate the company nokia series hale style bring extremely polarized evaluation. The m gave up 4 m 3 stylized design language, but USES a lower cost but more populist, “defensive” design: what we also have other brand, the rice noodles are need what we’re going to do. So you can easily find on m 4 many competing goods or star flagship product mix: the shadow of the front with the iphone or Vivo, side of the metal is obvious reference to the iphone, as for the back of the curve is and samsung’s big plastic “similar”… The benefits of such a “safe” brand it is obvious that even if you don’t fall in love with m 4 without the design of individual character, don’t hate it, for the shipments in the market leading millet, let “everyone don’t hate” than “part love + part hate” much safer.

but in terms of hardware and performance, whether out of complete 2014 shipments of 60 million mobile phone grandiloquence, or chip suppliers qualcomm balance and carry, or also for the public to play has been futures + snapping up “bad” model of attitude change, millet the on the hardware is not “place of satellite” but pragmatic chose qualcomm Xiao dragon 801 processor, SONY original IMX214 photosensitive more to make sure that the “mainstream” shipments, such as hardware configuration, since the “run” and the “hardware” cannot and competing goods fall behind, millet simply on the 4 meters each competitor gave a reference to: “bright” all OPPO out screen aesthetics and VIVO large aperture of the camera, meizu technology, one plus feel… Even hammer broken screen saver “risks” millet 4 also accept according to the order; Millet, of course, they are not just simple: raster lines technology make plastic imitation out all kinds of bamboo, wood, cloth, leather and other texture; While the Edge Coating technology for ultra narrow frame provides additional security; And “infrared remote control” for millet television and the future of smart home provides a huge space; As for the broken screen saver risks directly is the 1/3 of the hammer price… Since “no I have already can’t achieve, will be in the” people I have “on the basis of the implementation of” people have me “or” people have me cheap “.

even if the technology giants like apple, also can’t bring in every new product release “scream” products, after the iphone was born, it was not until the iphone 4 “again to change the world”, and every time after the iphone 3 gs with S upgrade can also be understood as a new bright spot for the android and tinker defensive products. With apple from the chip to control software system of the whole ecosystem is different, all the android manufacturers, including millet, not only on hardware subject to qualcomm, SONY, such as chip providers, and is subject to Google’s android ecosystem in the software, therefore, when the differentiation of hardware is becoming more and more difficult, millet in the hardware design of “to” transitional solution is only a short time, and the real killer is still a beautiful MIUI.

although all android manufacturers began to focus on the development of the UI, but beautiful MIUI 65 million customers let millet and other UI have essential difference: “fan effect” and “user viscosity” can let millet like apple to develop new applications and to cultivate habits; Large user group, on the other hand, is also a millet persuade third-party service providers to join the millet ecosystem chips, such as the conference proposed such as “outside the mai di” free WIFI, intelligent directories, millet yellow pages, the number of the service public visual operation is based on the “ease of use” and “localization” of the secondary development and create “the ecosystem”.