Millet box enhanced version evaluation experience is good, didn’t find 4 k

on May 5, hunting cloud network

in the new communication meeting, before the millet millet officially released, millet millet router router mini (beta), millet box enhanced version of the three versions.

hunting cloud network router and then got the millet millet enhanced version box, hunting cloud network will bring you today millet box enhanced version of the evaluation in detail.

out of the list

packing list. Millet is adopted conventional packaging design.

completely split open a case. Few parts, only the power adapter, remote control, HDMI cable, it don’t even to match a network cable! But people have no Ethernet interface, the home no Ann wireless gateway, do not have to worry about.

box tear sheet. “More flat” soap. Don’t pick up to pick up?

after several generations of millet box change, there’s nothing to picky on exterior design and workmanship. But in the process where there are many unsatisfactory:

the frosted surface treatment, though not from fingerprints, but extremely easily infected with dirt, tear sheet can be seen from the above images.

reserved a mirror of the logo, it is all dirty things of heaven! Especially in the box, the clean up the dirty, that feeling is really outrageous. Virgo people to be careful.

system interface

overall system interface that is. Easy and convenient.

with the CNTV content resources, with a ICNTV icon on the desktop.

directly on the bottom of the menu can be exhaled, search, notify the center, shut down three functions directly. Under the environment of different interface, the function differences.

Settings function index. Pay attention to the 5 g suffix wifi account, it shows that with a new version of millet millet router box is supported by the latest 5 g band.

millet in the video copyright resources problems, can be said to be known. Millet solutions also rude – it’s much easier to direct other video app installed.

zone is the integration of other video app inside. But millet have been able to draw on these data, the app and play with millet social system carried on the thorough integration.

the thunderbolt, and the thunder of video resources investment cooperation with the good news, Jivi also didn’t find any sign of the thunderbolt. Finally also looked at the “blue zone” a bit like a thunderbolt.

and about 4 k support millet said, because it is yet to find a 4 k resources, so the evaluation also impossible.

it may be related to hunting cloud network TV configuration only 1080 p, but millet also should have at least 4 k resources prompt.

in the end, not the browser.

special function

millet box can use the same computer wifi environment, land designated for remote installation page.

remote installation interface.

Other functions

long press home page out of multitasking.

when the standby screen saver can play a period of advertising.

Application game

at present in view of the application of smart TV is optimized, the game is very little, and each smart TVS are very closed. So, the application of millet box is not much, even no other video player software.

at present most of the applications have focused on children, education, families with children can think it over.

game app, are some simple phones often play of mild, but adaptation millet, remote control operation wasn’t fun too inconvenient, it is easy to out of the bug, can’t operate. It is better to directly on your mobile phone to play with.

millet also not putting the game like day cat box, detailed divided into body feeling, empty mouse, game controllers, such as pattern, is done with the remote control.

the total number of app does not exceed 500, even 300.

the above is the latest version of millet Jivi discovered the advantages and disadvantages of box. The whole system as a whole, millet box relatively perfect in functions, good user experience. But in the lack of content resource, is very obvious.

and many have browse to the resources, but can’t search it out. Don’t know what is the problem that the search engine, or the problem of resources.

in more ways, millet box appears more closed, application permissions. Many works on other box app, cannot be used on millet box.

overall, millet box only on TV function implements a relative professional function of video player, on the third party application adapter, resources, experience and barely. But so far all smart TV is facing this problem, and millet box is adapted TV use, need not add too many bells and whistles.