Millet in the outbreak of shanzhai, preheating is to enter Europe and the United States market

hunting cloud network on August 6,

(at the beginning of the article, xiao yun first to show that content of millet certainly, because below may involve a large number of the inferiority of millet, and many other let millet pretend bility is not so high, indicating xiao yun is not without see millet outstanding.)

millet the front end of product design (UI experience) after years of optimizing grinding, can say has done the domestic similar products, the optimal (but now much more a hammer). Back-end hardware design and manufacture and build quality, through years of technology accumulation and the in-depth cooperation with suppliers, has reached a good level. Especially the latest flagship 4 meters, although looks like apple, samsung, MOTOROLA hybrids, but on the work process has been more than samsung’s flagship machine. Comply with the positioning in the super.

“the 5 c” version of the millet tablet, and 4, and key copying pressy shanzhai iPhone, millet hand ring crush industry innovation, beautiful miui are basically is the counterpart of the IOS…

the latest issue of millet “plagiarism” pixel level triggers the industry a big concern, has begun to gradually by the media compared to the second tencent “hell”. And the torture of millet shanzhai are different from the past, this time it was spearheaded by foreign media, domestic media then follow suit. The topic of the “millet” shanzhai “represents the concerns of the international market.

millet shanzhai momentum has been scared of foreigners. Recently even Taiwan fair will make punishment to the humble do review, this is also too cross! Let a person have a little look not to understand.

millet why so bold? Millet really couldn’t design a unique product? Millet also want to become an international big shots?

surface looks be millet “ego” “benefit maximization” “bad”, but the this is millet designed strategy – – start media public opinion is focused on the free dissemination, lay the foundation for the next step to enter the developed market; To the stronghold of the method is rapid, by the way to perfect the accumulation in the field of industrial design and manufacturing, bringing in foxconn as their intimate partner.

millet technology accumulation is not enough, the earliest to 5 meters to enter developed markets

millet technical strength is very strong now? This points to a few ways, on the front end design (ecological) system UI, software, millet can be first in the country to the second; But in the back-end technology accumulation on the ID design, although the sound yi found a big cattle people, but I wasn’t on several so-called hardware “bull he can get it under control. Millet backend technology level, support dead now also only has reached the level of domestic second-line phone makers, just the perfection of a parameter.

hardware design is more than a large engineering industry chain cooperation, technology accumulation, emphasis on rigorous process, the careful division of labor, feedback to solve, and so on, is the product of a large group cooperation mechanism. Even if you have another “cow X” cattle people, also can’t process the default link.

millet manpower is not enough, the team running in between is a big problem, millet existing product design without any features, shanzhai everywhere is technical problems. After all, use mature product design in the province of strength is not small.

so technology, the android ecosystem, the legal system of any perspective, millet now into the developed markets, there is no advantage to speak of, went to also give people a hard working man still scold by .

but now boarded the foxconn, secure future second-line mobile phone manufacturer, slowly climb to a line, and then climb to foxconn seiko’s reputation in the world, white wash his hands of shanzhai.

6 again beautiful miui’s efforts to get rid of the relationship with apple or another, the last of a series of red rice (mediatek turnkey service to pay but very comprehensive) or m 5 exquisite workmanship, excellent design, just next to foreigners a good image of the inside and out. Fool or foreigners don’t listen to you, and then stand product problems.

wash yourself completely white wait for millet offensive in developed markets, born at the right moment is the next generation of millet next year, the need to advance publicity before preheating, on the date of it is now.

now for millet, only “shanzhai” in the world so a without white without subject. Take the foreign media is the most sensitive topic for preheating, user heart lay the inherent impression abroad, finally, a new image, it can achieve the situation reversed, form the whole effect. This is the high grade marketing gimmick.

millet, hammer to win in the front end design, traditional hardware company is strong in the back-end technology accumulation. Front end design of the upper road is not easy, especially on the product, ecological and the absence of any subversive innovation. Also good domestic tolerate fake pattern, give the chance of a millet step-by-step. The hammer to one pace reachs the designated position, so now live very hard.

foreign people of shanzhai culture is not imagination in so inconsistent

just like Chinese people dissatisfied with the domestic decoration “replace” the patent system, foreign people also kept questioning attitude to his country’s patent system. Although under the rule of law environment they identified with support the patent system from the perspective of social equity, but at the same time, they will always supervise whether the company or organization are held patent hurt their interests.

on a random network, download a file, load, we have to pay for a service environment, and look at a distance a magical kingdom – China , don’t even have to pay to download music, movies! To have a look at China’s Internet development seems pretty good also, who believe that put the in the mind is not too comfortable, especially the body is not too much money.

the end most people attribute it to the administrative institutions, the evils of the capitalist to protect its own interests do not want to promote a better model. And so on.

so most people don’t exclude shanzhai products abroad, and with “this is the other countries of the market system, we bring products use have to, the others are all government; This is abide by the rules of other countries “‘s comfort with the shanzhai products and so on.

want to know what foreigners flocking to the web site to download the movie music is not an individual phenomenon, all kinds of white card, stick a card to know shenzhen shanzhai products sales very well in foreign countries.

it can be a difficult to understand for the people, “foreign people are very axis, isn’t it?”

on the one hand, the somebody else is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people of the masses supervision mechanism, on the other hand are also associated with fair open media environment. People think that we are ordinary people just need to supervise, circulation to the goods on the market that is allowed to buy the government, as for the following copyright, quality problems, it is the responsibility of your government watchdog, something was wrong for company! I just fair and reasonable choice in the market I want goods, this is my power.

millet the real problem is that their duplicity, shake the foundation of his loyal users

from the product strategy to propaganda and strategic layout, millet indeed done good enough, few people can side by side with them. But Michael is, after all, a businessman, also the people in the eyes of the image of the traditional merchant performance incisively and vividly.

in the user’s point of view, millet is apparently still lack at the very least, sincerity. Don’t clearly has a more transparent and fair queuing system, and chose a dubious F code for system, dare not flatter really after see a frenzy of cattle. Before the big blow, blow “the Internet free mode” free “chip” BOM pricing “, “ a ripe becomes: our process very well the price is nothing.

someone retorted: “millet is the conscience, the other vendors are behind him!” “That is not blow brag? Who let you take it seriously.” “You also patriotic patriotic, not China’s very not easy to give a millet, higher price support too much!”

ha ha. The pot calls the kettle black return not bashful said. “Brag” personality, “fool” is the quality problem, don’t put the two arbitrary swap places! Finally not take anything “” to pressure people, want to make improper interests” patriotic thief “, don’t push the fair justice rules of behavior, equivalent to dig state in the corner.

of course, millet brand value to always focus on the industry may be eclipsed by the high consumption of user, but for the layman “dumb money more people”, so pervasive communication can’t approved. Maybe millet next target market already locked these people, otherwise, how to make money?

maybe millet marketing strategy is the ratio of group of users – novelty – enthusiasts mindless silk fans – dumb money more layman. find easy to make money the user to make money, za disown these dead pick and choose .

Chinese also have the right to enjoy the merchants sincere, if the people in a business and they do not have this requirement, grow faster in the domestic enterprises are like flowers in the greenhouse, “wild” to enter the international market will also because playing rules and sincere enough, the final “and” die very miserably.