Millet intention to enable the new domain name accelerate internationalization

hunting cloud network on April 22

on April 22, millet company announces a new global domain name, access to the original domain name will automatically jump to a new domain name. This seemingly ordinary a move, but it is closely related with the key strategy of millet in the future, this is the product diversification and internationalization path.

depend on mobile phone brand became famous for millet, gradually epitaxy on product strategy, and launching box, TV and routers, “m” family gradually large, believe there is still a new product to market in the future.

more importantly, millet not merely content with the domestic market, but also firmly to abroad. As you know, since April last year in Hong Kong, Taiwan market after testing the waters, millet in internationalization strategy for deployment. Former vice President of Google Android global product Hugo Barra also joined the millet company, served as vice President in charge of international business, it is thought to be a sign of millet internationalization unfolds comprehensively.

according to Hugo Barra, is currently actively seeking to enter more countries, convenient and easy to remember a short domain name become foreign user’s needs.

not only such, millet network as a whole system of millet electricity entrance, carrying the millet company all product sales, services, and operations support, is the first window of user contact with millet products and services. In addition, millet net electricity business channel also fill up the whole millet 70% of product sales, the use of the the domain name will further strengthen its competitiveness in the electricity industry.