Millet launch two series flat TV

on May 15, hunting cloud network news

15 millet company officially launched the tablet product, 4 k TV synchronization also launched a new generation of millet.

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according to lei jun, millet tablet 202.1 mm long, 135.4 mm wide, thin degree is only 8.5 mm, weighs 360 grams, six colors for users to choose; By 7.9 inches full of sharp/au joint retinal screen, consistent with apple mini size; CPU use NvidiaTegraK1 quad core 2.2 GHz A15 + A15 save electricity kernel, the GPU is the same as the Kepler desktops architecture 192 cores. Lei jun said, this is the most advanced GPU in mobile devices, graphics performance is 2.3 times of Apple A7. In addition, millet tablet resolution for 2048, 1536, 326 ppi display precision, brightness and color saturation is relatively good, battery capacity is 6700 mah, millet is also for this tablet is equipped with corning gorilla glass touch screen 3.

look from the overall design, millet tablet has been focused on during development of ecological construction. Use and PC architecture of GPU, convenient PC game transplantation. And screen size and resolution and iPadminiwithRentina reason is that the platform can facilitate the developers transplantation of applications and games, and synchronous development in the future. Millet company chairman lei jun says, there are 100 app and 400 game perfect adaptation millet tablet, plan the data of 1000 app and 1000 by the end of game.

millet tablet 16 gb sells for 1499 yuan, 64 gb sells for 64 yuan. Industry questioned the price is higher, the millet, chairman of the company, lei jun said at the news conference, due to the high cost of the tablet, millet millet have repeatedly considered tablet do you want to.

lei jun says at the same time, the millet beautiful MIUI global users has exceeded 50 million people. Beautiful MIUI is one of the most standard android ecosystem, has the highest industry activity of users. Hope that through the industry view, millet beautiful MIUI build high quality android tablets hardware and software environment.

most remarkably, millet company 15, at the same time issued a new generation of millet TV 2 4 k TV products, this is also the first equipped with 4 k released millet high-definition television screen. It was carrying made specifically for smart TV MIUITV version of the system. At the same time, the millet also released a complete millet independent sound system, priced at 3999 yuan. Lei jun said that the release of millet new products such as TV, will be the first set of home theater of young people.

millet TV 2 used 6.2 mm aluminum alloy frame, the thickness is only 15.5 mm, and the weight is 12.9 kg. Although it screen extends to 49 inches, but overall the fuselage with 47 inches of the first generation of millet television without too big change , live alone, also not too big.

millet TV 2 USES LG/huaxing photoelectric high-definition 3 d panel, 4 k resolution of 3840 x2160, backlight module by instrument photoelectric building. From the perspective of the prototype of scene display, the display effect is good.

millet TV have red, pink, blue, green, purple, gold six color optional, color is very bright. It sells for 3999 yuan , including 2 + millet millet TV sound + subwoofer, starting on May 27.