Millet new product into a closed ecological beautiful step

hunting cloud network on April 24,

millet yesterday afternoon finally opened the mysterious veil of three new product: millet router mini routers, millet, millet box enhanced version.

the millet router is part of a pen, in most years the upgrade of optimization, private servers, personal exclusive network acceleration, 699 and almost to the built-in hard disk price pricing, is very attractive for many high-end user.

at this point, millet mobile phone routing, millet, millet, TV more collaborative, closed-loop ecological experience show in front of our eyes. Michael do with android closed-loop dream and step forward.

mature, millet router product form new ecological prototype has now

Internet security, and access to the Internet speeds up, and low-end server functions is taking shape, after rectified propulsion, functional form has been very mature. Can be said to be the intelligent router “smart” nearest product inside.

on the basis of the router features, Internet security and acceleration online trust with millet product concept, now that you have the official launch, basically can guarantee the function of good experience.

in the low-end router function, all sorts of equipment free reading memory, remote control, thunderbolt provides resources to download, although no platform, but the function of the novel, good enough to stick to the user experience.

millet router promotion assured

to closed-loop ecological first step into millet, millet router must have considerable user. The millet routing promotion will become a top priority (like millet before television of the state is certainly not).

the millet in publicity, price, function, content have made very good matting, so on promotion would never in in a dilemma like millet TV.

the first on the propaganda, beta release from last year yuan has already done my eyeball, absorption from the cases, to assemble, and anecdotes, and finally to the parties to the understanding of the intelligent routing mixed media, can be said to have reached a common position.

secondly in terms of price, 699 price is still too high, actually accuse propaganda value conversion mode using artificially high market price, also did not reach BOM pricing. And 1 t of the hard disk is fixed, allows many users to back toward the mobile hard disk.

however, millet router new functionality to experience one step ahead than others, in terms of price and the market’s most competitive advantage. Again, deduct 1 t hard drive is not convenient, and the mini version can choose.

then content on the function, has mentioned above, millet router new functional experience, solved the two user pain points, speed and resource user viscosity has safeguard.

with the degree of brand communication of millet now finally, in the high-end users, enthusiasts don’t sent the two money to buy this product, and take a fancy to this 1 t hard disk have work requirements of ordinary users, he also greatly expanded the scope of the market.

millet router in the form of such products, although in a short period of time will not be popular, and away from the prick silk of users, and the Internet industry that “to prick silk world” photograph back.

but millet has been able to maximize users as far as possible, with a closed loop with hardware, improve their products user stickiness, to ensure that its own ecological more mature, more stable.

millet router, for millet into a more coherent and more closed good ecological, took a nice step forward.