Millet resistance Indonesia Brazil market: approval process is too long

guide language: the Wall Street journal website Saturday published titled “millet blocked expansion to the Brazil, Indonesia, millet is planning in Indonesia and Brazil launched flagship mobile phone, but the plan encountered obstacles of examination and approval.

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millet in India this week issued a millet 3 mobile phone. Millet global operations, senior vice President Hugo parana (Hugo Barra) in new Delhi, said in an interview in Indonesia and Brazil’s product launch delay is due to the long and painful equipment certification process. In different countries around the world, mobile phone manufacturer must make before publishing and sales mobile phone products certified by government agencies.

barak said, in Indonesia, Brazil and Mexico, make the equipment in accordance with local standards, complete equipment certification process may need to 6 months. Millet, he said, hoping to launch smartphones in Indonesia, the end of August in Brazil launched smartphone time may be longer. He noted that Brazil’s legal requirements like millet assemble products company in the South American countries. “It takes much longer, perhaps will be completed within the next 12 months, but everything is hard to say.”

millet are challenging the smartphone market leader in apple and samsung. In China, millet high ratio of performance to a phone and focus. The company providing services such as mobile application and film by the software, and through the sales of accessories to obtain income. According to IDC, at the end of last year, millet in the Chinese market share of 6%, mobile phone manufacturers for no. 6. Millet and 3 years ago in a market or a blank. Over the same period, the market share of apple iPhone is 7%.

in China, millet small batch products via the Internet. But millet President held recently, said the company plans to sell 60 million smartphones this year. In February, held once said, millet plans this year sales of about 40 million cell phone.

in recent months, millet has launched in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines. On Tuesday, millet released its latest mobile phone in India. Barak said, millet also hope to enter Brazil market, but hit a snag. Barak said: “there is no doubt that India and Brazil will be our focus on the market after China.”

as part of plans to develop the Indian market, millet will provide content and TV equipment in India. Millet is also trying to get the content. Barak said, in addition to China, “India will be according to local tastes vigorously launched the first market of service”.

millet Indian business executives Manu jayne (Manu Jain) said the millet will start a project, make beautiful MIUI user interface to support local Indian languages. And barak said, in this process, millet to recruit at least five engineers in India, and cooperate with startup develop new functions, applications and services for mobile phones.

held, said millet have no current plans to enter the wearable technology market. In fact, the company plans to cooperate with small technology companies, to help them design and product development. He said: “we hope to invest some partners, we will work closely with them, around smart wearable devices, intelligent household and intelligent building an ecological system.”

held in new Delhi and barak the released the millet mobile phone 3, the price is 13999 rupees ($232). This phone will through India’s largest online retailer sales. will show millet’s other products, including tablet, routers, and television.


millet also denied rumors about the IPO (initial public offering). Held, said millet currently does not have any plans. “About profit and cash flow, we are very healthy.”

millet, expects revenue this year will be at least 70 billion yuan ($11.28 billion), more than 90% of them are from the Chinese market. Held, said in the first six months of as of June 30, millet sold 26.1 million phones, revenue of 33 billion yuan. (sina science and technology li li)