Mobile application distribution of new “Matthew effect”, “application clusters”

must be clarified that “application clusters” is a concept I borrowed. Its main mean, build a broad user’s “super application”, should be the formation of the application of multiple interlinked together, rather than an all-encompassing application “unify river’s lake” of the situation.

if the App Store and Google Play listed top 150 ranking of the application, we will find that many of the popular applications from the same developer team. More specifically, open our phone interface home page, we often see a few of the columns from the same source applications appear in it. For example, my cell phone cover page WeChat, hand Q, they come from tencent. I have alipay homepage and hand tao, together from the alibaba.

this is not an accident, and is likely to be a trend.

application developers, especially those powerful developers, often want to have been a popular application, make a Paul vientiane “application platform”. This can be seen in so many mobile IM applications. Many copying each other IM applications, see other people good, just want to migrate to their own applications. The myopia caused the loss of their application characteristics, and led to a mobile IM industry homogeneity phenomenon is serious. Many latecomers once or now want to be the next WeChat, the fate of its failure may have been doomed from the start.

if the “application platform” is doing addition, then the application “constellation” is through the way of do subtraction, do multiplication effect are obtained. Application developers, of course, is mainly the giants, by constantly to their “core” relief way, let the core application of prominent features, easy to operate. In addition, they will be able to draw lessons from the functional division of go out, become an independent new applications. For example, Facebook launched Paper, Foursquare divided Swarm. They are all after the launch, get the user’s welcome. More importantly, they and the original “core application” form the resultant force, promote each other.

is a typical example of Facebook and sets. Although Facebook also have photo sharing function, but its acquisition of them with a more professional filter, share more mobile operation way, and a great success. Through the account system of get through, the background data sharing, the two formed organic interaction.

of the world’s most powerful “application clusters” is Google. Gmail, Google Search, Youtube, etc., Google’s “application (service) constellation” covers almost every aspect of our lives. Android as a carrier for the mobile Internet era of Google, carrier to obtain a new platform. But even without the presence of Android, Google also could not be reduced to the same and Microsoft.

on the surface, the application of internal differentiation stars seem to give the latecomers more development space. But from the point of actual effect, the longer the time, with the advantage of early giants, the easier it is benefiting from the “Matthew effect”. Must be in the form of a new challenger to shake up the original way of interaction.

giants tried to not be copied, too naive. Dare to strong-arm reaction and with fast winner is king. Application of a differential, and the small version of the quick iteration product separation, and finally form their own application clusters, seems to be a quick way worthy of learning.

PS: “application clusters” was first put forward by AVC. Cloud network editor you hunting for divergent thinking.