Mobile client application + remote control, 360 TV assistant preemption family control terminal

(word/qing nan)

on the PC version of the TV assistant online for more than a month later, in 360 officially launched today mobile TV assistant (the android version, iOS version online later), further ecological layout smart TV applications. This version in the continuation of the TV version of the vast application and content aggregation advantage, on the basis of in human-computer interaction, resource sharing a major functional innovation and product optimization, this is mainly embodied in the mobile phone remote control TV and press loading applications.

the field experience, under the condition of the same WiFi, mobile phone, open 360 TV assistant can automatically scan and connection box and smart TV. Through 360 TV assistant “application”, and click on the mobile end users only need to find the relevant application “installed on television,” TV terminal can automatically complete the installation, upgrades and unloading operations can also be at the same time. In addition, users can also through the “large” and “remote control” plate, the content of the real-time find their satisfaction, and can be control by the “remote control” plate, play games, etc., because it is through the wifi connection, control is not restricted by distance.

and, more importantly, the company announced that 360 TV assistant mobile version to support the market any smart TV set-top box and the android system. This also is advantageous to the development of the size of the user. Although some TV makers also introduced television assistant product, but the basic ones.

in the case of the concept of smart home is hot, around the manipulation of the entrance to the competition is very fierce, routers, box, etc. Is this era urge creature, and the mobile terminal is one of the most prized port, assistant mobile TV as 360 an important layout in this area.

if only is to take a class of the APP to replace the traditional remote control, remote control for the user’s stimulus appears insufficient, are easy to be out in the cold. 360 cleverness is applied content + + control + cloud features several big collection of services together, using smart phones touch operation fast and convenience to promote user experience.

360 television assistant where future products. Aspects, said the 360 TV assistant will also revolve around 360 content deep “blockbuster” plate and select suitable for TV, hd movies, actively push programs regularly, to help the user to select, realize the real intelligence “watch TV”, the future will also be involved in live, games, etc.