Mobile package optimization ItsOn company raised $12.5 million

to provide mobile package optimization based ItsOn recently announced from Andreessen Horowitz Tenaya Capital and the original investors raise $12.5 million. It is understood that the financing will be mainly used for promoting its cloud virtual OSS/BSS (operation/business support systems), extend outside of North America market, including Asia and Europe, the Middle East and South America.

ItsOn cloud-based technology for mobile operators to provide virtual OSS/BSs technology support, at the same time also provide tailored to optimize consumer package for consumers. With the apple Google and other developers use mobile network, data requirements increasing, the bandwidth pressure also become one of the things operators have a headache, and the general formula USES the data of some upscale capitation to used by users. ItsOn conception is expected to find a balance between operators and consumers, the operator profit at the same time, to the customers reasonable price.

although there are many operators are also try to do the same, ItsOn said that their solution is more simple, at the same time because its the basis of cloud services, are cheaper to implement.

ItsOn, founder and CEO Greg Raleigh, said the current ItsOn is the world’s largest mobile operators to promote their SaaS services platform, and already entered the stage of profit. Talk about the cooperation with Tenaya, he said Tenaya experienced team will further promote the development of ItsOn – after the financing, general manager of the Tenaya Capital Gollmer will join the board of directors of the ItsOn Stewart.

Gollmer said Tenaya surveys show that mobile operators will replace the existing operational support systems (OSS) and business support system (BSS), to choose cloud solutions.” Virtual will usher in rapid development, mobile plan optimization and ItsOn is a lead in this respect.”

according to ItsOn submit the SEC documents, ItsOn originally is expected to raise $20 million. And after the financing, ItsOn amounted to raise about $40 million since 2008.

ItsOn has raised $15.5 million, is mainly composed of Andreessen Horowitz led, and cast parties including SV Angel, Jim Davidson, etc., other strategic investors including Vodafone venture, Verizon communications giant Investment, etc.