More and more mobile phone addicts, see if you also like this?

in May 2013, the famous analyst Mary Meeker, kleiner perkins caufield & byers partners published her latest trend of the Internet report, which said “the mobile phone users to see their equipment” 150 times a day on average. This view caused the general attention, many people began to question the value of wearable devices exist accordingly, so look not to come out in the other category, the feasibility of mobile phones.

mobile application data analysis firm Flurry today released a report further evidence for this view.

in the Flurry, on the basis of the application data gathered from the global 1.3 billion devices, the mobile phone users is divided into three categories. Open all kinds of application of comprehensive less than 16 times a day, is ordinary users; Open the application number 16 to 60 times a day is heavy users; Open the application of more than 60 times a day, known as “Mobile phone addiction” Mobile Addicts ().

(there should be a reader question there is the question: Meeler says an average of 150 times a day, why Flurry as 60 times addiction? Because Meeler said is check the number of mobile phone, we check the mobile phone every day, mostly at a time or have any SMS/IM/application notice, not open the application.

Flurry of statistics made it clear that “mobile phone addiction” crowd rise rapidly, annual growth rate as high as 123% :

The parents, college students and middle age

these three people has the highest percentage of “mobile phone addiction”.

in addition, mobile phone addicts, more women than men are also obvious:

for this kind of trend, initial Yang is a great relief, and says: