More and more “vulgar” “innovation” : when the device is installed on the plane

about the intelligent equipment of all kinds of ideas emerge in endlessly, but then to introduce the product, never force hunting cloud network editor jun, but really don’t think it can be called a innovation product. This very vulgar products, may be because of market need and attract so many eyes, but never of the difficult to appeal.

this product called “”. In simple terms, this product is to give it added a back cover, can let its fixed plane cup. And the rubber on both sides of the handle can let users in XXX, convenient holding device.

the device and the plane cup, in the product design team, has a certain advantage. This means that, when people is XXX with the hand, can look up at the same time with the hand hold the “literary film” (and, of course, may be in the form of broadcast).

it is understood that The product is priced at $24.95, only fit The device, The New device and The 4 3 device. Even if this product could be popular, but I don’t think apple would make such a “parts” in the apple store sales. In the label “safe and convenient” campaign, we also don’t think this is a kind of innovation. An obvious fact is that the market needs is not necessarily the creative value.