Moto E exposure, MOTOROLA’s new generation of cost-effective tool

foreign media today continuous exposure of MOTOROLA’s new plan, but not the main high end Moto X series, but a new generation of low-end models Moto E.

it like selling Moto G configuration (or lower)

a dual-core 1.2 GHz CPU

4.3 inches 720 p


double card double stay

1 gb memory, 4 g memory

Android 4.4 system

it is understood that the price will be cheaper than the $179 Moto G. From low-end Nokia WP and pick up service to Google Android Nokia X at low prices to Google formed some threats, Moto E will represent Google back this challenge.

by Android 4.4 update, Google lowered the latest system for hardware configuration requirements, make it possible for more low-priced Android new models, once the Moto E release, we can examine this strategy results.

MOTOROLA’s high-end models Moto X because of the price and the market localization problem and is not popular, but its follow Moto G benefit from low prices and good experience in relative to the price of Europe and Asia, and Latin America. According to the report, will continue to Moto Moto E G, listed in the first place in Latin America.

Ps: lenovo’s purchase of MOTOROLA’s deal is not yet complete, MOTOROLA is now in Google’s. So the Moto E in the short term is unlikely to have Chinese version available.