MOTOROLA is doing great things, but few people know

Since August 5, 2011, Google announced the acquisition of MOTOROLA mobility, MOTOROLA mobility has entered a period of two years of silence. In addition to the continuation of the original product line, and no new products. Since August 2013, continuous issued, Moto Moto X G and Moto E was introduced. MOTOROLA completed nirvana, reshape the brand. In my opinion is one of the most core parts: reinvent the phone.

MOTOROLA to reinvent the low-end phones

yes, I say is reinventing, like iPhone to “reinvent” smartphone.

include mobile phone companies, SONY or samsung and huawei, the core of the sales revenue comes from the hardware, the flagship model is a top priority. Flagship model not only equipped with nowadays the best hardware, and the best service: with Google cycle upgrade system from late January to months (of course).

but the low-end models not only hardware is poor, and unable to enjoy the latest system. Android manufacturers never to low-end machine upgrade system “hobby”. What is most phones factory system, delisting is still what system, the user wants to upgrade can only be at the risk of losing the warranty to third party ROM. Have a passion for custom Android manufacturers, on the native Android system combined with a layer of the skin depth of custom manufacturers, is let the system become more serious. This kind of heavy on mainstream flagship is not obvious, because they have a better configuration, but a serious degree differs on low-end models of card.

since version 4.4, the Android system and the Google mobile services (GMS) suite to slim to cater to more low-end hardware (512 m). While many handset vendors low-end machine card in Jelly Bean unable to enjoy the benefits of the new system. Plus TouchWiz and other manufacturers custom skin drag, bottom model gives the impression of hard to avoid such: hardware cheap, coarse screen and outdated, caton obvious…

this is hardware vendors self-interest thinking drives deliberately cause: should not only on the hardware for low-end machine and flagship differentiation, but also on the software and experience for low-end machine inferior. “Allows you to save money to buy low-end machine doesn’t give us more money to buy the flagship, deserved it!”


MOTOROLA last year released on August 2, Moto X, two unique coprocessor brought Touchless motion Control experience and save electricity. But its configuration is only the mainstream in the price of the flagship, only failed to sell.

MOTOROLA seems to see from Moto X’s situation, the power of the price. Release by the end of the Moto G pull prices directly to the bare machine price is $179, released last week Moto E dip to 129 dollars more, slogan is to be “all people can afford a smartphone.”

and Moto E Moto G completely changed the face of the low-end phones. The most important is not the hardware, but the experience.

1, Moto G and Moto E carrying the latest Android 4.4 operating system. Commitment and deliver the support system upgrade.

2, benefiting from 4.4 thin body and MOTOROLA system optimization, and Moto E Moto G although hardware low-end, but not poor fluency performance.

3, MOTOROLA abandoned the custom, but the native system plus a small amount of MOTOROLA applications, system is not bloated. Since this has been my point of view: the Android 2.3 times native system is too ugly, manufacturers custom is necessary. But enter 4 x times customization becomes increasingly anachronistic, differences for the differences. Almost all manufacturers custom production system, a property business abjuration custom favour native + a small amount of the factory application can also be differentiated. This is the way of MOTOROLA.

4, derived from the Moto X’s design language, curved fuselage with good sense of design and grip.

5, MOTOROLA as established handset makers, accepted industry with the strict quality control system. Moto G and Moto E configuration low-end, but few users workmanship and quality.

from hardware to software to experience, and Moto E Moto G reshaped the low-end machine.

this level of innovation will repay you. Moto G become MOTOROLA’s best-selling smartphone ever, is still the core in Mexico, Brazil, Latin America market sales champion. MOTOROLA’s market share in Europe are a sharp rebound. Moto E on the market in India last week sold out within an hour and caused the underwriting side it, India’s largest B2C electrical contractor) web site is down, the reserve team to row until a week after the shipment.

can be thought of in Google before, during and after the decision to sell MOTOROLA to lenovo MOTOROLA showed signs of recovery in market share. The vitality and Google on it.

Google MOTOROLA converted into a “Google company”, and abandoned its

Moto X, G, and E as representative’s new MOTOROLA mobility, is a break with the old image of MOTOROLA in.

(photos of Moto X/Moto Moto E/G, from)

before acquired by Google, MOTOROLA is a traditional phone old vendors. Than many of its as I described above self-interest behavior of mobile phone manufacturers.

lock user brush third-party ROM Bootloader increase the difficulty, reluctant to upgrade system, poor flagship machine configuration price is high, the Blur overstaffed harder to use custom system, a model for the old (Droid generations? Eat the Droid Razr).

(the first generation of MOTOROLA Droid. International version also known as milestone. Images from MOTOROLA’s website)

Google acquisition MOTOROLA after the sharp transformation. Mass layoffs, sent Google executive management MOTOROLA mobility, sale contract in China, in Asia, especially in the Chinese market. To put the main focus in the North America, Latin America, Europe and South Asia.

in exiting the Chinese market has something to do with Google China’s situation, it also makes the MOTOROLA brand in China is more and more indifference. Besides flock of lenovo’s purchase of MOTOROLA’s mobile, but the Chinese media for the innovation of the past year it is ignored. The average Chinese user impression of MOTOROLA still stay out of China before the image of the old.

after Google transformation of MOTOROLA, obviously has injected a new spirit. It is no longer a traditional phone hardware vendors, more like a “mobile phone manufacturers” experience. From Moto X to Moto G and Moto E, the essence of the mobile phone is not hardware configuration, but the experience. Innovation is to create a better experience on hardware (Moto X by 8 architecture). Which was clearly more to Google the tone for the consumer applications/services company, is not MOTOROLA original product as handset makers thinking.

Google’s way of thinking is to make their services to the most users, the new MOTOROLA mobile phone is to let all people can afford. There is a fit.

at the same time, MOTOROLA also experienced brand (Rebranding), from the hale and hearty, commerce, conservative is instead of “fashion, colorful, populist, lively”. Moto Maker of personalized, colorful design will be the biggest motorcycle taste, all sorts of figure and advertising also permeated with green breath.

it’s a pity that at MOTOROLA more and more like a “Google company” (a Google company, Google has made the decision to sell the MOTOROLA to lenovo.

(photo: MOTOROLA Moto X before the release of official propaganda page. Images from MOTOROLA’s website)

Google, of course, there are a lot of reasons to sell MOTOROLA. Patent has come to hand, MOTOROLA losses, mobile phone business is not a new business, eliminate other Android producers worries about Google’s combination of hard and soft…

but to give up such a spirit of Google, with Google’s thinking seriously mobile phone company, is a very pity. Especially lenovo, MOTOROLA, also not necessarily can keep this spirit.

lenovo, please treat MOTOROLA

Google compared after transforming new MOTOROLA, lenovo that MOTOROLA is more like before. Association with other mobile phone manufacturers, misused low-end mobile phone users, bad custom with the ROM (old clovers skin has been abandoned by the official, the new copy is harder to use still beautiful MIUI skin), system upgrade slow…

this lenovo, still can let MOTOROLA continuation of their own thinking and to explore?

from lenovo senior foreign speech, we couldn’t help out a corollary: “MOTOROLA” lenovo as a high-end brand, “as they used to buy from IBM Thinkpad”.

however, this idea is exactly what I most worried. As mentioned above, the old MOTOROLA about like Thinkpad, high-end, business style. Lenovo took over the new MOTOROLA mobility is, however, Google modified, its brand image has turned into a “fashion, populist, lively”. If lenovo tried to continue thinking of digestive ThinkPad to treat MOTOROLA…

really necessary for MOTOROLA to high-end brand image back to China? Its return to Chinese market strategy if people like in Mexico, Brazil and India, may be more appropriate.

at the end of the text’s discourse: someone will ask, since the low end of the experience, why not say nokia 520/620 of the company? One word answer: their ecological limits the system equipment experience. Refuses to see carlos “>

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