MOTOROLA pushed the audio version of the Nexus Q, Moto Stream to carry the mobile phone music on the stereo

MOTOROLA has unveiled a new hardware product, Moto Stream. In simple terms, this is a connection of mobile devices and audio devices “bridge type” products. It is the main task of the mobile phones and other music through a wireless connection, broadcast in stereo equipment.

Moto Stream as well as the connecting way of mobile intelligent devices mainly include bluetooth, NFC, etc., the bluetooth connection coverage up to 300 feet (91 meters). It is reported, Moto Stream support Android, iOS, WP and other equipment of the operating system.

Moto Stream can support up to five people at the same time, access to the device.

this weight is 100 g, multi spherical equipment, reminiscent of Google has released two years before the Nexus of Q. That is a streaming audio and video equipment. Compact appearance, advanced design idea has led to concerns that the full of looking forward to it. Unfortunately, this product has not been formally released and died immediately announced.

however, Google tried in the field of home entertainment has never stopped. Last year, Google released a “good” television equipment that Chromecast, and a great success. Now, before is lenovo official income bursa, MOTOROLA again contributing to Google out of the Moto Stream such a product.

unlike apple, Google doesn’t seem willing to is unlikely to become a distributor of entertainment content. As winning by technology of the Internet company, Google is more willing to be family entertainment content of “a porter” – by means of advanced, convenient, intelligent, let people and entertainment content posted closer, the experience is better.

the Moto Stream is priced at $49.99, 6 launch this month.