Mr. Li: the next opportunity is enterprise software industry and the new data

May 29, 2014, baidu union summit held today in huangshan. Baidu CEO robin li at the summit to share the trend for the future: it is a new type of enterprise software, solve the problem of enterprise from internal to external links; 2 it is digging a new valuable data, slow help explore personalized predictive information.

li said, “a huge chance to all fields from the BAT won’t do”, these two areas are: it is a new type of enterprise software, not only improve the efficiency of the enterprise internal, more can help solve the problem of enterprise from internal to external links; Second, slow valuable data, not useless information explosion, it has the value of slow data, can predict individual information data.

enterprise software

li thinks that enterprise software is not something new, but the future will become a new and will be a very big market.

li said, was born in the enterprise software market has a large well-known large companies, such as IBM, oracle, Microsoft, but also there are no big enterprise software companies in China, this caused mainly by two aspects, one is in the past China’s low labor costs, the use of enterprise software effect was not up, the other is that many business owners do not use a computer, don’t use PC promote efficiency.

li thinks, at present the two factors restricting the development of China’s enterprise software is changing, China’s labor costs rise very fast, every boss with a smartphone, can be online at any time and place, will naturally think of enterprise software, promote efficiency of the company.

“baidu buying 91 wireless is known to all, I was surprised, in the process of dealing with 91 91 executives the E-mail address of each executives don’t agree with each other.” Li said, afterwards just know, 91 wireless developed their own IM, not only can this IM communication, also can undertake the task distribution, evaluation.

li thinks that enterprise software just to take over the work is not enough, the new enterprise software should be able to solve more problems, not only is the enterprise internal process problems, and is an issue from internal to external, these are all in the past, enterprise software can’t solve the problem.

effective new data

“now we have no value, data collected by hand ring data collected is not conducive to health, the data collected from intelligent glasses also don’t know where use; The next opportunity is new data, can help mankind to solve the problem of data.”

li said: “we have seen a lot of data is not valuable, worth a lot of traditional industry said that their data, but in fact, baidu is technically has accumulated for many years, found that the technology is already ready, but the data did not really want, collected many data do not value.”

the modern age when human beings enter the data explosion, but very few real valuable data collected. Li: a new generation of data collection, data is not only a tool, the data itself will have great development, and the valuable data will concern in the field of personal health, such as physical symptoms can be analyzed and the process of brushing your teeth, can know in advance the body symptoms will happen in the future.

“the difficulty is not the invention of new hardware, but find what data is valuable.” Li said, “to find the data, to find knowledge, experience, interdisciplinary thinking.”

li said: “this area is most of the opportunity. Mutual encouragement to produce innovative, traditional industry time is shorter, basis and not strong enough, the entrepreneur is more open, in combination with the technology of artificial intelligence, years would be a good prospect in the future.”

source: business network