Mr. Luo apologize again! Why didn’t hammer mobile phones can be successful?

the author: ZongNing (micro signal: zn10961242)

today from the hammer mobile delivery date has not yet been formally 20 days, the hammer technology announced that probably means capacity in normal cannot be achieved within a few weeks, all orders may have a few months later, so I hope we can start a refund, including booking and full. The basic complies with the rumors that I heard yesterday feelings owe downtime, if you want to resume production, to see whether the new financing situation, in this kind of production under the condition of uncertainty, choose a full refund is the best way.

this result also earlier than previously estimated, hammer before kneeling lick the trio of what the current basic under all kinds of quality issues feedback be well-advised to shut up, the speculative failed to foil for the industry standard bearer, but is likely to destroy their hard-won accumulation at play the female disguised as men of reputation. So I always say, useful, it is hard to succeed.

then we talk about why didn’t hammer mobile phones can be successful, especially why can not copy millet route.

a, big opportunity is

I hammer ROM jump ticket in June last year when he wrote, this is unlikely to be successful, because one of the biggest opportunity – smartphones and upgrading tide has gone. In the previous few years, the smartphone generation at least hundreds of millions of mobile phone, then any network brand can sell more than 10, two hundred thousand. This is to make the pigs fly tuyere, and now has passed. So you will see the millet would rather sacrifice their own brand positioning, also want to kill to hold the 799 price, at the same time has been billed as domestic demand also full open up international markets of south-east Asia. Is the first time, also basic is decisive, the new China martial arts is hard, why? We come to the second point.

2, sales right way

a lot of people think millet is typical of the Internet phone, but in fact, millet mobile phone basic it is offline channels, online just throw out a little makes a feeling of hunger. A large number of actual product exists in the channel and cattle, increase premium through hunger and thirst. At that time the millet can shipment, cattle can make money, everyone to enjoy, have rice noodles to pay anyway. Hammer mobile phone in the offline channel, not completely depend on transmission and poor website to book and low conversion rate of absolute let you vomiting blood, although the fanfare, but millions of transmission, to the transformation of the one percent support dead, that is, purchase, or even to the point of micrometer, no amount of also is very normal.

3, production plan right

millet did phone partner is envada, obscure the strongholds of small factory, before the production of mobile phone brand name OKWAP. Such partners choose natural because so his voice, as soon as you come up to do go with foxconn, a bit too conceited. A large number of production or in nanjing so far, millet, foxconn is only part of it. The hammer started looking for foxconn foundry, pretend bility is enough, but there is no voice, a little out of the problem didn’t also the way.

4, quality problems

product, regardless of how well the skies to consumers’ hands, will betray oneself, especially the consumption of three thousand yuan of the user is obviously more picky, this and rice 1999 can use man’s tolerance is a far cry from the universe. The present quality problem is very rich, has the natural, is inevitable, have a chance. Three obvious question is:

1 big grey screen, and red rice. Reason is the joint of the screen is bad, lead to a gray screen reflections, like you didn’t stick good bubble reflective grey sticker.

2 screen is fragile, speculates that the reason is added on the screen after three entity key, lead to uneven screen, this is a design problem, with an awful finality. A few phone bad feedback bought a few back to basic measure is shattered. So be sure to buy broken screen.

3 feel bad, because the mobile phone’s too thick and heavy glass edge of outstanding design method from top to bottom, lead to cut handle, and the physical keys to feedback distance is long, hard finger according to the comparison, the press and a lot of, also don’t come back. While a few phone, including the iphone 4 can make the box out, avoid to cut the hand.

to tell you the truth, even though Mr Luo so-called spirit, but from the perspective of product completely is a substandard product manager, many but not logical designs. Overall design is actually used to sell the best in the history of the design of the two phones, is to fit the iphone 4 and the nokia 5800, is a speculative, hope to meet more customer needs. The volume of the symmetric key is burdensome, regardless of the acupoint degraded, the thumb and index finger can be a good volume work respectively. And by snapping a function at the same time, the focus is not the most easily lead to just let go and fell machine. Scratchable latex no clip is very troublesome, and the inner screw size is different, and lead to higher maintenance costs. And a trusted network does not need to lock screen function is the most interesting, the first is to prevent the purpose of the lock screen by touch screen, then don’t let others turn over the phone, the latter as the main purpose is very funny, and even in the company or such a place in the home, need to lock screen, prevent children or others around, this kind of meaningless design for product innovation, is the most distinctive features of the hammer marketing.

five different from lei jun

although Mr Luo social influence may be higher than that of lei jun, but significantly higher than that of Mr Luo lei jun industry influence. In spite of this, lei jun or investment including drive home, rabbit rabbit, zealer and other companies, to ensure that the media to run to measure words and so on various aspects of control, and the relationship between the industry resources, made in terms of public opinion, millet can still hold off in all directions of black rice. Mr Luo apparently do not have these resources, also not too mainstream public opinion’s cup of tea, plus trough point there are a lot of things, momentum make big and have a conversation, and fang, a public relations crisis is very normal, on low long letter can only be moved by iron powder, is not the influence of public opinion. But investors see the public opinion, is not iron powder grateful tears.

a lot of people said to me, feeling how, an English teacher can make mobile phone is not easy to how, in fact, I think most of the shanzhai manufacturers didn’t spend one hundred and eighty million, do mobile phone can also. A final judgment standard of consumer goods or products are not, not producers, like a kindly mother have hepatitis can’t become a chef. I don’t like millet because the product hasn’t come out, and there went out a group of rice noodles scold you, it makes you feel deep concern, always think millet in the use of these underlying the lack of user experience to fool, they buy fool way to refer to the latest austenitic 304.

but millet, however, there is always a little is good, is the product price is reasonable, not too much. Later I heard there are a lot of rice players joined the millet company, also be fulfilling social responsibility for these groups. But the hammer with feelings to fool a windfall profit products, was not mere puff so simple, what and cheap health care products sell at a high price to talk about this concept of health and good business is no different. So, if you can so far, is also a good work.

ps: forget to say 4 g things such as hammer supply is normal Maybe 4 g are popularized the… It’s a pity that the hammer does not support 4 g continue pit