Mr. Luo’s hammer mobile phone is a hammer

this paper hunting cloud network readers contribute bin

recently, Mr Luo’s hammer delivery in succession, but a few days from delivery to the present, its products online fun, hammer mobile post bar also result of blasting, but according to Mr Luo, the first batch of hammer mobile “defective product is on the high side”, there are many users after receiving a hammer mobile phone are more or less found some affect the use of experience.

since then, although Mr. Luo voice apologized to fans on weibo, but netizens don’t promise. Some netizens said, “before scold meizu this bad, scold millet that is not good, said the results of these bad, are all old own hammer mobile fulfilled!” Also, hammer just sell mobile phone, light-leaking, camera with high stain and malposition, back cover, material and so on problems emerge in endlessly, have officer after machine out, how can let the fans to accept this? Even some netizens said “hammer mobile is a hammer!” (a hammer is sichuan words, means not honest, lie)

hammer mobile phone at the beginning of the

on May 20, “cloud” a new generation of stars of old, with 30% of the time talking about history, 30% speak icon system beautification, 30% sell literature and art, and get 10% in the “good” hammer press conference after the speech, hammer mobile phone into a good warm-up period, there is no lack of online pay homage, Mr. Luo also with “mature entrepreneur”, “smart craftsman” uncle appearance in the media, his ambition to s weekly said: “like a missionary to sell mobile phone… .. , “he said with the forward sliding sideways:” hammer phone our original price is 4000 yuan, only by the user (a lot) complaints after the fall of 3000, the location is a ‘death camp, our target group is elite, and prick silk disaffection shout didn’t also the way… “.

however, proud craftsman suddenly suddenly released on July 5 night long weibo “about production and delivery, about gratitude and apologized” to apologize to the hammer powder – eventually still kneeling.

but with mobile slogan “naturally proud” with a hammer, the high pretend bility is pretend bility is high, the so-called pretend bility high means: no matter how much money the X value, anyway let don’t want to look bad. Sure enough, after the reader to see the “apology”, the meaning of it is not difficult to see the old generally as follows:

theme: phone temporarily hair don’t ship!

reason: insufficient capacity! The yield is low!

why? Answer: foxconn to reach us (hard).

purpose: we are good for you (hammer powder)!

this is when we buy a house, developers delay delivery of the truth, you ask developers to room, developers said in order to give you a house keeping improving, so delayed for half a year.

net friends can not accept, fans can’t accept more, so the old Luo Wei bo is almost one-sided in the thousands of comments below:

“Mr. Luo, you phone how how good our businee, is the delivery can hurry up”?

“I am on the afternoon of the order of the end of the conference, so with that calculated I wouldn’t want to in August to get”?

“I am not High, you tell me you’re good, resulting in High you say after I not hot… . “

there are “more interesting”………… .

“mama X, have two months to aren’t doing a machine”?

“orders, dare not batch made”?

“foxconn only 100 sets of production lines, nissan, nissan 4800, this is the speed of the shanzhai factory?”?

“roa low?? You when foxconn is small workshops “???????

after watching the above user feedback you will understand why the yield of old dare not to say, how much is why he is going to pull a foxconn temporarily……… But the hammer powder is hammer powder, they “apology” have said to Mr. Luo:

“Mr. Luo is solid, not QiKe”! (small shop he also dare QiKe not curry?)

“China is lack of such entrepreneurs”!! (what do you buy mobile phone or buy one?

“hammer mobile phone is not good, but old people good character”!! (you are using a mobile phone or old “grace” you?)

hammer mobile phones will inevitably start offline experience shop

however, less than 1000 and the first shipment orders not exceeding the expectation “the embarrassment of truth in the old smart-aleck and display the” apology “has been the netizen the anatomy (late delivery, is ordered to do, now now order quantity is too low, foxconn despise), then, in view of the present bad user feedback and expectations, and will face the serious situation of (glory millet 4, 6, iPhone6), to the desired target market, it is very urgent to improve the confidence of the vc is old things to be done, then, is very interesting, Mr. Luo in the” apology “strategy is:” the next step will be in Beijing, Shanghai, shenzhen and other cities set up experience store……… “.

when doing mobile marketing friends all know that true machine experience shop is not the main channel to sell mobile phone, always in the electronic commerce unify the whole country of China nowadays, online shopping is far higher than the sales of stores is a known fact, and store more depend on three major telecom operators combined with old cell phone chain store marketing means to complete, always speaking, entity shop sales is not a smart way.

so, hammer mobile currently struggling, can not get more support.

: huawei to enter the smartphone industry is a bit late, but the somebody else moves fast, on the strength of his years with the authority in the field of technology (especially the global reputation and influence);

the meizu: domestic smart phone pioneer, through wind and rain, a few years, has become a major domestic (MX2 sells 40 million +) in October last year.

millet: relying on a “born to fever” to build open almost all users “developer experience model” + “SNS – EC (community marketing) mode”, after five generation of change in the core technology (beautiful MIUI), built up a vast empire of millet, have you noticed at the beginning of “black” spring retreat now…

the iPhone: true “innovation” + “patent (iOS, are not you hammer changed the android ROM so-called innovation)” technology + cannot copy “hunger marketing” model built the world’s richest smartphone empire (in this regard, apple computer’s influence on the iPhone empire rapidly develop, the nature and huawei).

and hammer mobile phone? What is the compared to the giant hammer? There are three big operators support? “Hammer” community established? Have a solid strength and technology? (just the $2 and the Japanese technology?) Nothing 1 says the world’s second?

so, hammer mobile phones must learn the meizu, go offline experience store model.

hammer mobile phone is “elite”

this is needless to say, “a known type of psychological characters are grasped his prick silk, for so many years of the so-called” success “made quite a few people have” and the psychological “prick silk, the same mental simply explanation is:” whenever you find yourself thinking, know, and your icon is consistent, so you think you are him “- this is the psychosexuality, psychosexuality.

even if elite? 3000 dollars?

Hey, Man, you hammer powder, all with the boss played work? You will see what big boss is keen to play with different kinds of new style mobile phone? The somebody else’s free? They are not afraid to be batch of high-profile work? Not afraid of subordinates feel his plaything weary in well doing?

besides, how is the elite of 3000 yuan? Machine flagship samsung S3, NOTE2, NOTE3 all over the street, the somebody else haven’t shout 4000 elite, 3000 is a ball, can afford to buy a NOTE3 yet to buy a hammer, the elite?

3000 yuan after all is a not high not low, than prick silk (2000 yuan) a little higher, lower than the elite (5000), not salty not weak position, Mr. Luo caught is the vanity of his hammer powder.

now look at the hammer now all kinds of evaluation and user feedback, it is worth the 3000? A man said hammer powder were also counted money for others also don’t believe it.

old cell phone and a hammer approach

old is old, the lip service the world first-class, as a businessman, he is famous for its attack various businessmen from career start, don’t tell the code, more lack of courtesy and quality, a reasonable person of celebrity?

he do first is blocked off his exit, look have no opinion of somebody else’s lei jun (red rice) and ma (QQ space) is how to work together (one for the mobile phone market, a market for APP)? Mr. Luo mouth buried the bitter fruit of today must cause he either alone in the future, or to give in to reality – smartphones bosses bow to you, seek cooperation, solve the problem of survival… .

this is a digression, not fat.

I want to say is focus on the old mouth artillery kung fu will continue to let him taste the bitter fruit, millet established because of the empire’s success is his users. This is lei jun cleverness, his millet community in a sense, is his research and development team, remove the difficulties of early and late basic get twice the result with half the effort, all kinds of bugs, the annoyance user experience almost all solved by the user to help him, he only needed to play price war, it is ok to talk about joint venture cooperation. So, Mr. Luo might as well put down the proud attitude, learning huawei, meizu, millet is how to play with the mobile.