Mr Ma is what Striple cooperation and overseas competitors?

, and the area of online payment abroad nova Striple for strategic cooperation, the two seem to have get through payment system. All Striple customer, can accept paypal payment. If but from a business point of view, Striple coincide with alibaba, with the overseas layout, jack ma, to some extent, both should be a competitive relationship. But why will choose to cooperate with Striple ali?

a: in order to “introduction to and go out”.

Stripe for many Internet companies to provide payment services. Through the development of the API, it can help those companies within a complete accept money from the Internet or mobile. It service customers are famous car rental application Lyft, e-commerce transaction platform Shopify, fresh express Instacart a startup. In January this year a new round of financing, the state only 3 years of start-ups, obtained from khosla, sequoia vc institutions as much as $80 million in financing. So far, the startup of the total funds of $130 million, broke the $1.75 billion in value.

anyway, pay treasure and Stripe of the deep meaning behind it.

according to the enemy of my enemy is my friend’s words, pay treasure to work with Stripe, obviously is a challenger, mix, a common challenge has been PayPal online payment market monopoly. Of course, pay treasure to overseas another huge resistance, “defense” from traditional Banks.

to pay system, not only bring to pay treasure to overflow, more to taobao electricity electricity has brought strong overseas opportunities. Pay the link seamless experience, will be largely to attract potential consumers online shopping. In fact, ali’s move to the average Chinese user a closer contact to the international famous brand products.

still have a month’s time, ali will going public. At this time of the ali will place so big plate, to the capital market tells the story of a beautiful and imaginations. Cooperate with Stripe that will obviously increase the market to pay treasure to this “money machine” of confidence.

as early as in ali had officially launched 11 Main test board, there are media pointed out that ali will pay treasure to integrate into the overseas e-commerce sites. We see from the system of overseas expansion of e-commerce sites to pay treasure, Ma Yunjin international electric dealer market ambitions, the move has been more and more into reality.